Infatuation 1

Jan 29, 2019
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Dominica in Infatuation 1

Gorgeous Dominica, a stunning blue-eyed blonde from Belarus, has a huge crush on her best friend, and the situation is about to take a very kinky turn. As the two girls enjoy a glass of wine by candlelight, Dominica – dressed in a sophisticated velvet teddy and sexy leather miniskirt – flirts like crazy, playing with her hair and gazing lusfully at her pal.

Her buddy plays it cool – so much so that, when she tells Dominica, "OK, get naked…" the blonde wonders if she imagined it. Then she eases down her top and caresses her small perfect breasts before hiking up her short skirt and splaying her legs.

As she snaps open the crotch of her teddy to flaunt her shaved pussy, every last nerve in her stunning body feels like it's electrified. Suddenly shy, she can’t look at her friend. Then, as her fingers trace the folds of her juicing slit, she hears, "I said, get naked…"

Immediately, she sheds her clothes and shoes, pointing her bare toes as her friend fastens a leather blindfold over her eyes. Then she winces as a stream of hot candle wax splashes then hardens on her tits and belly. She’d hoped her buddy would share her twisted tastes, and this is her wildest dream come true.

As her fingers plow her pussy, she imagines her pal reaming it with her tongue, lapping up her sticky juices – maybe even screwing her with a strap-on dildo. Another splash of hot wax creates a perfect storm of sensation, tipping her over the brink of orgasm – and, as Dominica cums hard around her own fingers, she instinctively knows this is just the beginning of a horny new adventure...

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