Distant Lover 1

Apr 13, 2019
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Cristin in Distant Lover 1

Model-tall, slender and gorgeous, Cristin, a brown-eyed brunette from Ukraine, has a major crush – and her lust has turned into obsession. Holed up in a hotel room overlooking her would-be lover’s home, she spies on the windows with binoculars, longing to be rewarded with even the briefest glimpse. Desire has given her patience – sometimes she spends hours, even days, watching and waiting. At other times, however, her frustration becomes too great and her mind and body need to be soothed.

As she accepts that the next sighting may not happen anytime soon, she lets out a resigned sigh. Her hands begin to roam over her body, caressing and consoling, and she strips off her top and tight jeans, savoring the sensuality of her own touch.

Next, she loses her dark-gray lace lingerie, then runs her hands over her small, natural breasts and shaved pussy. Sprawling on the bed she begins to masturbate, splaying her thighs as her fingers ream her juice-drenched pink. Erotic fantasies flash through her mind as she rolls around on the crisp white sheets, firm ass in the air as she flaunts her naked body doggy-style.

Suddenly, she senses as much as spots movement in the window opposite. Snatching up her binoculars she gazes at the view. What she is seeing she won’t or can't say – she’s unable to speak, totally lost in the moment, fingers pounding and churning her creamy snatch. Even when her entire body flushes and trembles in release, her gaze remains fixed on the view. And that’s how we leave her. Watching and waiting. Working up to an even more intense orgasm…

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