Chop Sticks 1

Dec 26, 2018
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Cristin in Chop Sticks 1

Tall and slender Ukrainian beauty Cristin has a taste for all things Japanese. Watching her eat sushi is a pleasure – flexing deft, elegant fingers, she uses her chopsticks to pick up morsels of rice and fish. Then, as she places each one on her tongue, she takes time to savor the delicate taste and sticky-silky texture.

Her love of Shunga – Japanese erotic art – goes even deeper. She spends hours gazing at the lines, the colors and every explicit detail with a magnifying glass, seduced by the raw and beautiful sensuality of the works.

Entranced and inspired, she allows her hands to roam over her body through her short black dress. They caress her small, perfect breasts then move down to stroke the crotch of her white, lace-edged panties. Soon, they slip inside to explore the moistening folds of her shaved pussy and, suddenly overcome by desire and impatience, she almost tears her clothes off.

Naked, she sits down and regains her poise, then takes her chopsticks and pins her clit between them, rolling, squeezing and tugging on the swollen nub of flesh. Soon, however, she is too wet and slippery for the smooth, polished sticks.

As she kneels to display her firm cheeks and tight asshole, her fingers reach back to grind and circle her clit and lips. Then as she sits, thighs splayed and eyes closed, her orgasm shivers through her beautiful body as visions of lust flow through her mind…

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