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Petra & Chela in Intimate Punishment II 1

Hot Hispanic babe Chela and her girlfriend Petra, with the straight dark hair, are all about blurring lines. They're not sure when they went from being BFFs with benefits to inseparable and insatiable lesbian lovers. Likewise, the dominant role varies – when we last watched them play, Chela took the lead, but this time Petra is wielding the whip. However, Petra struggles to stay in control – she grinds herself against Chela's rounded buns, warm and glowing pink from her flogging. Soon, her natural submissive streak drives her to bow her head and suck on her girlfriend's beautiful breasts, eager to please her. Meanwhile, Chela finds it impossible to tell precisely when the stinging pain melds into the purest of pleasures. Some details are certain, of course – the trust between them is mutual and unbreakable, with safewords respected. Other than that, anything goes, and Chela battles a strong urge to take charge as she lies back and lets Petra lick and finger her hairy pussy. She resists the temptation to grab Petra's hair and shove her face hard into her crotch – and her restraint is rewarded. Petra retrieves their favorite toy – a hot-pink, double-ended dildo. They chose it together and have pledged never to use it alone. Petra feeds it into Chela's slick snatch, then takes the other end in her own fuzzy pussy. As they grind and scissor, they take it deep – pubes brushing together as the toy virtually disappears, each end engulfed. They hump frenziedly, reaching down to finger each other's clit until they cum to an intense mutual orgasm. Once again, Petra takes control, pulling off of the toy and using her hand to churn it in Chela's sensitized pussy. Then she withdraws it and they share the cream coating every inch of the shaft, ending with a slow, cum-soaked tongue-kiss. The lines may be blurred but the erotic bond between them is stronger and clearer than ever...

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