Feb 10, 2019
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Candi in Jezebel

When we ask alternative babe Candi to describe herself in one word, she doesn't hesitate. "Intense," she purrs, with a wild gleam in her eye. We don't ask her to prove it but, when she produces an elegant glass dildo from her tight catsuit, we stick around for the ride.

Tossing her magenta-frosted brunette curls, she parts her red lips and takes the toy in her mouth, tonguing and slurping on the head and shaft. Scarlet-manicured fingers unfasten the top of her suit to reveal perfect natural breasts and stiff nipples, and she kneads the saliva-drenched shaft between them.

As she raises her legs and grasps her spiked stripper heels, she has another surprise in store. Her catsuit unfastens from the back, too, and slowly, she opens the zipper to reveal her ass crack, peachy buns and tight shaved pussy.

Within seconds she plunges the dildo deep inside of her wet snatch, writhing in her vintage chair as she plows it in and out. One look at her confirms that she won't quit until she cums – and, even as she squirms, lost in orgasmic oblivion, she continues to pound her pussy until she's totally spent.

She spends a couple blissful minutes licking her cream off of the dildo, then looks right at us and says, "Next question?" We have thousands we could ask her – but we already know the truth. This babe answers to no one.

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