Jan 13, 2017
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Candi in Beetle

Cute and quirky brunette Candi is feeling frustrated right now… "I miss my girlfriend so much!" she explains, fingers already probing inside of her tight, shaved pussy. "She's working in another city and all I've got to console me are the gifts she's brought back for me from other business trips. Like this whip – we call it 'Little Red Riding Crop' – and the matching bright-red panties. But spanking my own ass just isn't the same. My favorite is this weird beetle ornament… he has a name too but it's a secret only we're allowed to know. I take him to bed and talk dirty to him – tell him exactly what I'm gonna do when she's back and I can get my hands on her tits and pussy. How maybe I'll need to go out and get laid before then and I hope she understands. I'm not sure I can hold out another week…" Seriously, Candi? You can't wait just one more week? She shrugs. "It's just how I am. I get real horny real quick…"

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