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Blake Wilde in Oils And Orgasms 1

If relaxation is an art, Blake Wilde is an artist. Sizzling-hot with cute brunette bangs, she likes to slather her stunning curves with fragranced body oil then massage herself in front of the mirror. Some days, that’s all it takes to cool her down and help her find balance. Most times, however, the release of tension is more explosive. Today, she’s already in a horny mood so she dresses in her favorite sheer black bra and matching peekaboo panties. As her hands stroke the silky oil over her skin, she inhales the sexy scent. She has a ritual of sorts, starting with her arms and legs then slowly zeroing in on her beautiful natural breasts and trimmed pussy. This time, however, she lingers a little too long on her sensitive bare feet, hitting all the sweet spots that spark sensation in her nipples and clit. She sighs, submitting to the inevitable – to find her calm, she’ll need to cum. She buckles on her heavy leather collar and rattles the links of her golden chain leash. Next, she drizzles oil directly on her swollen, tender slit, then splays herself wide open, clit hardening beneath one circling hand as the fingers of the other probe her slick pussy. Suddenly impatient, she grabs a vibrator – yet she fights the urge to climax as she relishes the feeling of being right on the brink… Then one tiny tingle is all it takes to set off an orgasm that shivers through every nerve in her body. As this fades she finally relaxes – only to feel a new ache deep within her pussy as her fingers stray a little too close once again…

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