Mar 10, 2019
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Angela H in Seductive

Smoking-hot brunette Angela H is enjoying some quality me-time. Holed up alone in her apartment, the tall, kinky beauty has switched off her phone and made sure no one knows she’s at home. Now she’s dressed in black lingerie, garters, fishnet stockings and spike-heeled pumps, purely for her own pleasure – and she has a brand new toy to play with.

Don’t be fooled by the cute white and candy-pink tails on her flogger; they sting as keenly as any other whip she has used. Soon, she raises a warm, rosy glow on her bare ass cheeks and thighs – and with her hairy pussy creaming, it’s time to put the handle to its other use.

Splaying her thighs wide open, she plows the mock-cock dildo deep inside of her snatch, grasping the leather tails as she pumps and churns her juices into a glorious, foamy mess. For just a moment she pauses to play with her heels, both to indulge her fetish and delay her orgasm to let the intensity build.

Suddenly, she is overcome by a powerful urge to climax. She yanks down her bustier top to cup and tease her perfect breasts with one hand, as the other pounds her pussy. Within moments she clenches tight around the dildo, then release ripples through her body.

She sprawls back, tingling, with the toy still jammed inside of her and reaches down to pull it free. But her pussy tightens, unwilling to give it up just yet. For now, she wets her fingers with the sticky juices spread over her crotch, tasting them as her free hand stirs the dildo inside of her, teasing her towards another cum...

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