Taking Turns 1

Mar 20, 2019
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Amie & Serena A in Taking Turns 1

"It’s the girl code – sisterhood," says hot Hispanic brunette Amie. "We help each other out."

"Yes," agrees stunning Serena A, pouting into the mirror as she combs her waist-length blonde hair. "If I’m in a nightclub and the girl next to me needs lipstick or hairspray, I’ll lend her mine. That’s how I met Amie."

"We got talking," continues Amie, "and Serena ends up staying in my hotel room. She seems like a good listener so I tell her how long it’s been since I shared a bed with someone – how I barely remember the last time I came. She helped me out with that, too…"

Serena shushes her with a long, slow kiss on the mouth, choosing to show, not tell. Tenderly, she strips off her galpal’s black dress, baring her perfect breasts, stiff brown nipples and shaved pussy. Then she gets naked too, flaunting an equally stunning rack and peeling down her yoga pants to expose a dark, trimmed hairy bush.

"Relax…" she murmurs, as the brunette leans back on the bathroom counter. Then the two make out before she nuzzles her way down. Amie’s tits quiver as she takes, deep, calming breaths, as Serena inhales the heady scent of her creaming snatch. Then the blonde begins to lick clit, with two hooked fingers probing deep inside – Amie gasps as they find her sweet spot.

Soon, Amie is cumming hard, squirming against her buddy’s relentless, loving tongue. And Serena just keeps licking, until Amie can’t orgasm any more.

As the pair share a pussy-flavored kiss, they seem oblivious to anything but each other. Then, without a word, they head into the shower so Amie can return the favor – and the girl code never seemed stronger…

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