Creme De La Creme

Jan 13, 2019
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Alta B in Creme De La Creme

When smoldering, raven-haired honey Alta B gets busy in her bathroom, things soon turn a little messy. Eager to ensure her pussy is smooth as silk for her date, she strips off her clothes and sexy black lingerie to reveal perfect breasts, then grabs her razor and a can of shaving foam. She squirts a handful on her snatch and smears the creamy froth over her folds, then whisks away any stray hairs.

All the touching and the sensation of her velvety shaved pussy beneath her fingertips gets her horny. As they dip into her slit and skim along her swelling clit, she moans with pleasure and sinks two into her snatch. Carried away she masturbates, sitting on the counter and splaying herself wide open, palm grinding hard against her sensitive nub.

Aching to plow herself even deeper, she bends over the counter standing doggy, then sinks her digits in down to knuckle. A shiver of pleasure runs through her body and she immediately knows what she needs to do.

Sprawled back on the counter, she squirts the entire can all over her tits and belly, with her navel piercing glinting in the thick foam. Then she relishes the feel of it, the glorious mess and the tight, wet spasms of her pussy as she cums around her fingers.

As she's enjoying the afterglow, her doorbell rings – her date is here to pick her up. For a moment she panics – then she opens the door, still naked and slathered in foam, and invites them in to join in the fun...

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