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Morning Has Broken

Erotic fiction inspired by Milana K in “Temptation

My sexy girlfriend Sandy is full of surprises, which is one of the things I love about her – she has the ability to blow my mind. We have a very good, adventurous sex life; but I was still a little freaked out to wake up one morning and find my wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the bed.

I woke like usual with a raging boner, expecting to roll over and press it up against my girl, and that’s when I was suddenly fully awake and freaking out. I couldn’t turn over; and Sandy wasn’t there.

I opened my eyes fast, the bright morning light making it hurt, and let out a cry of panic. My feet and hands had been tied up to the bedpost with cords from our bathrobes and a couple of my belts. The sheets had been pulled back so I was lying there in a star shape, totally naked and feeling increasingly vulnerable. Where was Sandy? What the fuck was going on? In the back of my mind, I knew it had to be her that had done this, but I still felt uneasy.

Then I heard a rattling sound, like someone outside the bedroom was spraying graffiti on the walls, that weird rattle of a ball bearing inside a can of liquid, followed by a smothered giggle.

I looked up to see a hand appear around the doorframe holding a can of whipped cream, then Sandy’s smiling face slipped in behind it.

“Morning has broken,” she said, grinning from ear to ear and walking all the way in, naked and gorgeous.

“What are you up to, you dirty girl?” I asked, even if it was pretty obvious what this was all about.

“You know how I like to have waffles for breakfast?” she asked, climbing on the bed and straddling my thighs. “Well, we don’t have any waffles.”

She never was strong on explanations.

“Am I supposed to be the replacement?”

“Got it in one, honey pie.”

“Forgive me for asking, but since when did you start tying your breakfast down to the plate?”

“Quiet now, it’s time to eat.”

And with that, she squirted a jet of whipped cream straight into my mouth and kept on squirting until she’d left a trail of it from my face down to my belly button.

“Mmm, I’m so hungry,” she smiled, bending down to lick the cream from my skin. I was still gloriously hard and my dick rubbed against her chest and neck as she licked me, but Sandy chose to ignore it for now. She ringed my nipples with cream and licked that all off, nuzzling each one and sucking hard enough to make me wince.

Again, she shot a load of cream into my mouth, but this time she followed it in with her tongue, licking it right out of my mouth, probing all around to get as much of it as she could, which only served to make my dick grow harder.

“Did you like that?” she asked, dismounting and crawling further down the bed, her eyes fixed on mine. I nodded my appreciation, lifting my head up off the pillow to watch her.

When she got to my dick, Sandy took the can of cream and circled the base of my shaft – good job I’d shaved myself clean the day before. Sandy used her lips to suck and nuzzle the cream into her mouth, her eyes locked on mine, my dick brushing against her nose, cheeks and chin as she circled me. She used her tongue to clean it all up, never once licking my cock, and when it was all gone she smothered my balls in cream.

If I hadn’t been tied to the bed, I would have been balls deep in her mouth or pussy by now. I was aching to fuck her. I wanted to squeeze her tits together and slide my cock between them, fuck her mouth, her pussy, her tight ass. I was so turned on. But I could do nothing but lie there and suffer at the mercy of this wonderful, kinky, imaginative woman I loved.

Sandy sucked my balls one by one into her mouth, the cream smearing over her face and chin, my dick and my mind both desperate to be inside her somehow.

“Aw, you look like you want some of this…” and then she squirted a blob onto the tip of my cock and sat there, grinning.

“Oh, come on, stop teasing me already!”

Sandy tossed the can aside and reached for my shaft, rubbing my dick slowly, the cream remaining on top. She bent down, still keeping her eyes locked onto mine, and opened her mouth, taking the cream and my cock as far in as she could before closing her lips around my shaft and sucking it all firmly down her throat.

I’d like to say that I was a stud at this moment, and that I held off until I’d made her cum, but that would be a barefaced lie. As I was tied down watching her watching me, her mouth around my cock, the cream dissolving on my tip, her hand pumping my dick while the other cupped my balls, I lost all control and blasted my hot cum into her mouth.

Sandy made appreciative noises as I unloaded inside her warm mouth, like she was eating some fine food, squeezing my balls a little tighter and jerking me off just right, pumping at just the right moment to tease another shot of semen out of me.

When I’d finished and could gather my senses again, I looked up to see her grinning at me, sitting cross legged between my thighs, my dick still in her hand.

“Now, do I let you go or do I leave you here to get hard again?”

I’ll let you guess at what she did next.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


The heat is on

Erotic fiction inspired by Debora A in “Ethereal

High up on the fifth floor of an abandoned warehouse, my sweet submissive, who I shall call Aria, sits on a futon I have rolled out over the broken floorboards. She is naked apart from hold-up stockings and a pair of heavy-duty shoes – so that she doesn’t get splinters in her feet – and her silky smooth, pale skin glows in the light radiating from the numerous candles that surround her.

As I stand over Aria, she looks at me with trepidation. “Lie face down on the mattress!” I command.

I kneel down beside her, run a hand up her thigh and give her a quick, hard slap on the ass. Her body trembles as the red imprint of my hand appears on her left cheek, but she says nothing. I spank her on the other cheek, and her reaction is the same.

I roll her body over so that she can watch me strip naked, then I straddle her waist. I stare at her beautiful but emotionless face and smile. Leaning into her, I trail my tongue from her neck, up over her chin, and across her full, red lips. She sighs deeply.

“You know I don’t want to hear a sound from you!” I say, harshly.

She shakes her head to indicate she understands.

I grab her beautiful breasts and squeeze them firmly, pinching the nipples until they stiffen. I can see from the look in her eyes that she derives pleasure from the modicum of pain my action generates.

As I reach for one of the lit candles, Aria’s eyes widen in realization of what is going to happen next. I grin and say, “There’s no need to look so frightened.”

Her expression indicates that she doesn’t believe me, so I tip the candle slightly, so that a dribble of hot wax drops onto one of my naked legs – staring her full in the face as I do so. While I do not flinch, Aria’s expression remains fear-tinged. She starts to squirm nervously beneath me.

I climb off her and kneel between her long, spread-eagled legs.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

Being the ever-compliant submissive, Aria nods her head. I slowly tilt the candle, and as the hot wax hits the cold, tender flesh between her breasts and her navel, Aria’s body lifts off the mattress – and she’s incapable of preventing herself from moaning loudly.

“Not a sound!” I shout. “I told you, not a sound!”

Aria reactively reels from the volume of my voice, but quickly regains her posture, as the red wax trail hardens on her body.

I tilt the candle again, only this time I ensure that the hot wax spills onto Aria’s beautiful breasts, and runs down her sides, to pool on the mattress. I take great joy in watching her body shudder uncontrollably, and, eager to test her pain threshold, I ask her to push her body upwards off the bed.

When Aria adopts the pose, I allow the molten wax to pool around the candle’s wick, then tip the candle and hold it in a tilted position so that the flame continuously melts the wax and causes it to repeatedly splatter just above Aria’s shaved pussy. The momentarily runny red liquid runs down over her hairless mound and hardens between her open legs.

She groans in pleasurable pain, but for once I don’t reprimand her, as hearing her cries has aroused my cock to full stiffness.

I lean over Aria’s finally still body, and run my tongue along the areas of wax-free flesh, lapping at the salty beads of sweat that coat it. Me being a lover of savory over sweet, Aria tastes so delicious it makes me smile and influences my next plan of action.

I straddle Aria, shuffle up her body, and drag the head of my swollen cock across her lips. My thighs tremble as Aria’s mouth parts slightly, just enough for me to slip the tip of my cock inside it. The expression on her face suddenly transforms into one of delight, blowjobs being a much-practised forte of hers. I nudge forward slightly and her mouth opens wide enough to let my cock slip fully down her throat. With my ball sac resting on her chin, Aria tightens her lips around my shaft and starts to suck. Her lipstick smears as I slowly pump my cock in and out of her mouth, and she winks at me mischievously – because she knows that the roles have altered. No longer the recipient of the pain factor, she’s now the granter of pleasure, even though she’s supine beneath me.

The combination of dominating Aria and introducing her to the joys of hot wax combined with the sensations generated by her cock-sucking mouth causes my arousal level to go off the scale. As I feel my orgasm rising, I increase the speed of my thrusts, grab one of the candles and pour wax down my back. My entire body shudders as the hot liquid hits my skin, and I pull my cock out of Aria’s mouth just in time to coat her breasts with thick ropes of cum, howling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I collapse on top of Aria and she whispers in my ear, “Thank you, master.”

“No,” I reply. “Thank you, mistress.”

Because, for me, a BDSM relationship is more fulfilling and fun if the boundaries between domination and submission are fucked with on a regular basis.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,



Voluptuous beauty Inna Innaki shares her secrets

Bootylicious beauty Inna Innaki made her debut appearance on The Life Erotic in fine style this week. The 28-year-old Greek goddess stars in Alis Locanta’s stunning movie “Body Building,” her astonishing curves glistening with oil as she squats and grinds through her workout before slamming a big glass dildo into her soaked pussy.

The curvaceous star, who says her amazing ass is her favorite part of her body (ours too!) recently gave a revealing interview on the set of her movie shoot for our sister site Viv Thomas. You can see the whole video interview here but here are some highlights…

“I started making movies five or six years ago, with my boyfriend,” reveals Inna. “We made a video at home, and we sent it to a company in Greece, just as a joke. They said we were good, so we made another one, and that’s how it all started. I like everything about this job. It’s strange, it’s pleasure and it’s work, and I really enjoy it. I don’t like the acting part so much, because sometimes I forget what I have to say. I like the sex part best. I always watch my movies, but I am very critical. Sometimes I have an orgasm watching my movies because I love them so much!”

What does Inna look for in a partner? “For me a man has to have a good smile and I have to enjoy everything with him. I don’t have a preference for tall, or big, or small. I first had sex with a girl in my personal life about three years ago. I like girls a lot. I have some friends, and sometimes we just get together and have sex. Girls are more sensual, kissing and touching, it’s much nicer. My sexual fantasy is to have sex with ten girls all at the same time. Or maybe ten girls and one boy – that would be perfect. I’ve had a threesome, the boy fucked me and the girl licked me, and I had the best orgasm of my life.”

How does she keep that incredible body in shape? “I go to the gym a lot – I go five times a week. I like my body and I want to feel good, so I really work at it. I like to go nude on the beach.”

“I masturbate once a day,” Inna reveals. “I don’t think it’s a lot, everybody has to do it, it’s healthy. I like to use toys, but not so much putting them inside me, I prefer using vibrators on my clit.”

I get recognized a lot when I go out in Greece, for a coffee or something, and my friends don’t have a problem with that,” Inna says. “I don’t know what I want to do in the future, I never think about it. I just think about tomorrow: tomorrow I have to do this, and I have to go there, and that’s it. Thank you for watching me, and I hope you enjoy my work!”


Kinky movie of the month: May 2017

If you’re greedy for kinky fun with gorgeous girls, May 2017 has been a very good month here at The Life Erotic, packed with edgy action and an abundance of orgasmic moments. Here’s my personal and entirely subjective pick of my top three movies of the month. Which was yours?

Captive,” directed by Denis Gray and starring knockout brunette Arissa, is bondage play done exactly the way I like it. Arissa is absolutely stunning in her cuffs, chains and high heels, long legs stretched out as she grinds the chain against her pussy through her panties, then tugs the fabric aside to finger her pretty shaved slit to a climax. Gorgeous, and so intense.

DP Orgasm,” directed by Alis Locanta, is notable for introducing sensational Stella Cox to TLE at long last. Stella is the ideal TLE model, a naughty girl who loves kinky play. For her stunning debut, she is dressed up in stockings and garters, nipples clamps and with a big glass butt plug in her ass. Her huge natural breasts jiggle as she fucks her creamed-up pussy with a dildo. It’s hot, frantic and very wet.

Special mention has to go to Charles Lakante’s “Dur” series – all so good, and featuring such hot girls, that I can’t choose between them – and Paul Black’s “Mirror,” starring the inimitable Emily J and featuring the best soundtrack of the year so far.

But my number one favorite movie of the month has to be “Laney Gets Tied Up,” director Michelle Flynn’s debut for TLE. I published an interview with the Australian auteur on the blog last week, so suffice to say I love everything about this movie. Busty cutie Laney – also making her TLE debut – is clearly enjoying herself immensely as she ties herself up Shibari-style, before stroking her hairy pussy to a orgasm and then putting her clothes back on over the ropes to head out in search of more fun. Can’t wait to see what this imaginative director has in store for us next.

Which was your favorite TLE movie of the month?



Interview with The Life Erotic director Michelle Flynn

Director Michelle Flynn certainly knows how to make an entrance. Her debut movie for The Life Erotic, “Laney Gets Tied Up,” is an outstanding movie packed with kinky little flourishes, as a gorgeous, busty blonde girl-next-door indulges her craving for self-pleasure. First she pees in the shower, then ties up her voluptuous body Shibari style, before fingering her hairy pussy to a powerful orgasm. I was curious to learn more about the director behind this memorable debut…

Michelle, where are you from?

MF: I'm from Perth, Western Australia though I live on the South Coast of NSW, Australia currently.

What is your background in film and photography?

MF: I learnt film and photography on adult sets, I spent five years learning all aspects of production at Abby Winters. When it was time to leave and start my own business I had a large skill set to take away. Since running my own business I've taught myself anything new and tried hard to keep up with new technology including VR; I can now boast we are the first and only adult VR producers in Australia.

How long have you been creating erotic movies, and what inspired you to start?

MF: For around a decade. Though I do consider the first half of that really just learning the trade. Initially I wanted to be involved in production because of the amazing people that were in the industry here. It really opened my mind and created a new and interesting path for me careerwise.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

MF: I love film, and I am addicted to documentaries. With our bigger productions I always make sure there is a behind the scenes documentary that accompanies it. I really admire surf photographers and filmmakers that create things in an unconventional way and push their own limits.

Do you think being a woman is an advantage when shooting erotica?

MF: No, I think having been a performer before picking up a camera – regardless of gender – has an advantage.

Please tell us about your first movie for TLE, “Laney Gets Tied Up.”

MF: I love Laney, she has this ethereal energy that I never seem to quite capture on film but I do keep trying. The scene was a collaboration, I told her about the site and asked what she might like to do. She mentioned that she was into Shibari so we thought it would be an interesting contrast for the viewer, and we wanted to create an expectation of the cute 'girl-next-door' and then have her evolve, doing all the bad things.

Any hints about what you are shooting next?

MF: I have a few more in the can for TLE, but I really want to shoot a semi-POV scene at night, where the camera has a spotlight and is kind of following the performer, and the performer is leading the camera/viewer on a path – it sounds creepier than it is, I promise. But creepy can be sexy too, right?

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

MF: Definitely location. My cinematography skills really excel when I have broad, vast landscapes and unexpected and uncontrollable elements.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

MF: No, I can't just pick one. Everyone brings something new to the table and I enjoy finding out what their 'thing' is.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

MF: I have a rough or basic idea when I find a shoot space – then it evolves from there, what props or toys the model has brought and any ideas she has, we talk and roll with it which can end up with surprises, which is awesome.

Do you work with a stylist or do your own styling?

MF: It's usually just myself and the model and we do the styling ourselves – a small set is a good set! This way we can do something more intimate and organic.

Do you like shooting the kind of kinky scenarios we feature on TLE?

MF: I love it! Don't forget I spent five years working for Abby, which meant 99 percent of the time shooting performers skipping through flower beds. Any chance I get to shoot something different, I take. I particularly enjoy shooting pee scenes, because I'm not personally into the fetish so for me it's fun trying to find the sexiness in it and what others find sexy about it. I would like to shoot some couples scenes for TLE and play with power dynamics.

What are your ambitions for your work with TLE?

MF: Provide diversity. Also as I mentioned, I would like to shoot more couples-inspired kinks and fetishes. I am really happy to be shooting for TLE, I have always been a huge admirer of all the MetArt Network.

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos?

MF: An orgasm!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

MF: Check out my feature length films at and thanks for having me!



Cum on my tattoos

Erotic fiction inspired by Stacy Cloud in “Heat

My husband and I are both tattooed, although you’d never guess he had any. He looks the corporate type – immaculately groomed, cufflinks rather than buttons, he wears his tie with a pin, Oxfords not brogues, and believes that a man in a suit without a waistcoat is nothing more than a slob masquerading as a gentleman.

Even under all that tailoring, you can tell that he’s fit, with broad shoulders and a wide chest. But apart from me, only a handful of people know he has a huge tattoo across those shoulders. It’s a secret the world will never discover.

My tattoos are a little more obvious. I like to dress up too, especially if I’m going to a smart function with my husband. I’ll put on an elegant dress and heels and step out looking like a million dollars. But the elaborate tattoo on my back is likely to attract more attention than whatever I’m wearing, and I like to wear dresses that are split to the thigh to show off the ink that adorns my legs, too. Naturally, it has the tendency to draw the eye upward. It can be quite an icebreaker at a corporate event or dull business function.

I love getting inked, but even when my tattoos are the center of attention, my husband never lets on that he has one. But that’s not even his biggest secret, because what he really loves, more than anything, is cumming on mine.

He says my tattoos weren’t what attracted him to me initially, but once he discovered how many I had it made him rock hard. The first time we fucked I had no idea he was so into them. He kissed them, but then he was kissing my body all over so I didn’t realize it was pushing his buttons. It took another few dates before he admitted he had a fetish.

We’d gone back to his place after a night out, and as soon as we were through the door he was unzipping my dress and sliding it off. I stood there in just my panties and heels as he kissed my shoulders, running his fingers over my skin, tracing the outline of my tattoo, following his fingers with his tongue. I was getting turned on and thinking about turning around and getting his pants off. Then I heard his zipper.

I felt him press his dick up against my ass, nudging my panties between my cheeks, and I was waiting for him to bend me over, thinking I would blow his mind by bending all the way over to grab my ankles, when he pulled away. When I turned around to see what he was doing, he was just jerking off, staring at my body, lost in a world of his own, his hand pumping away on his dick.

“What, are you just going to get off by yourself without even touching me?” I asked, only half joking.

“Ah, fuck,” was all he could muster, but he carried on stroking his cock, his eyes flicking over my body. I finally realized it wasn’t my tits or pussy he was staring at, it was my ink.

“Oh, baby! Do my tattoos make your cock hard?” I asked, delighted that this seemingly vanilla man had a kinky secret.

“Yeah,” he blurted out, still jacking himself, staring at the tattoo on my thigh. I stepped closer and took hold of his cock, rubbing it against my ink. He let out such a groan that I knew he wasn’t kidding, this was really getting him off.

“You want to rub your cock against my tats, baby?” I whispered in his ear. He nodded avidly.

Leading him by his cock, I took him into the bedroom and lay face down on the bed. I slid my panties off and told him that he could rub his cock all over my tattoos if he wanted to, but he had to fuck me and make me cum, and then he could spunk on my tattoos.

“Does that sound like something you’d like to do, babe? You want to cum on my tats?”

Damn! He was so excited by that idea that it started getting me really hot too. He began to roll his hard cock over my thigh, pushing it against my tattoo, breathing deeply.

I lifted my ass up a little. “Come on, fuck me first. Stick that big, hard dick inside me and grind it around and around. My pussy needs some attention first.”

Straddling my thighs, he sank his dick into my wet hole and fucked me like that, his hands running all over my tats. This was a hot way to get fucked, his dick was thick and long and in this position, he could really fill me up. He gripped my hips, pulling me back against him while thrusting into me, and I was cumming in no time at all – he was relentless, fucking me hard and fast right through my orgasm.

When the waves of my orgasm had subsided to little aftershocks, he pulled out and pressed his rock hard dick up against the tattoo just below my ass cheek. He didn’t even need to jerk off, it was enough for him to have his cockhead up against my tattoo to make him shoot his load and he came hard, cursing loudly.

After that, he confessed everything, all about how tattoos had always got him hard ever since he lived up the street from a biker chick he once saw blowing a guy in her backyard.

Lucky for him, I’m happy to let him cum on me, and I love it when I find him staring at my tattoos. I’ve even promised that one day I’ll get him to cum on me and then have the outline of his seed tattooed onto my skin wherever it lands. That always has him spraying his spunk all over me!


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Busty babe Stella Cox gets kinky on The Life Erotic

Voluptuous Stella Cox made her debut on The Life Erotic recently in “DP Orgasm,” a stunning movie from director Alis Locanta which sees her looking irresistible in black stockings and garters, nipple clamps attached to her huge natural breasts. It’s a must-see for boob lovers, as she squeezes and jiggles those big creamy tits lovingly while drilling herself with a buttplug in her ass and a thick dildo in her pussy.

The curvy 26-year-old babe lives in London but comes from an Italian family, hence her combination of beauty, alluring accent and self-deprecating humor. Asked to describe herself on the set of Locanta’s recent shoot for our sister site Viv Thomas, she revealed, “I’m a very strange person. I find it hard to relate to normal people. So it’s hard for me to make friends. I’m a bit shy at first, really introverted, but when I get to know someone I open up and become more friendly.”

This endearing shyness is all the more surprising when you see how hot Stella is on screen. As she explains, “I love sex. I’ve always been a really sexual person. When I was growing up I felt awkward about it. I didn’t really talk about sex with my friends – it was a bit of a taboo thing. So I used to watch porn. I had lots of partners because I was so curious and I wanted to explore more. I’ve always been interested in being experimental with other people.”

Making movies seemed a natural step for someone with such a high sex drive: “Basically I started filming myself… I would go out and meet guys and I would ask them to film me when I was doing stuff to them, and I put the videos online, and people watched them quite a lot. Then I started social media, and some companies in England asked me to shoot, so I thought I’d try it. I like being watched, it’s a turn on for me.”

Stella seems to have an equally hot time with partners of either sex on camera, and reveals, “It was a fantasy of mine to go with a woman, and when it happened I was really shy. I felt like I was exposing myself more by going with a woman rather than a man. But maybe that’s just in my head. When I’m with a man I’m more in my zone, I know what it’s going to be like. With women it’s more mysterious. I like cute girls. I like thin girls with small boobs, because my boobs are big, I guess – I like the opposite. Before I made movies I tried having relationships, not relationship relationships, but sex relationships with a couple of girls, and it was really good.”

When it comes to men: “I like strong men, not muscly or big, I don’t care about that. I just like men who like to take control and make the decisions, because I lack that. I like them to have a strong personality. I’m definitely more submissive. I’d love to be more dominant, but it’s just not in my nature. I’ve done scenes where I’m more dominant, but that’s an act, it’s not really the way that I am. I like to change it up when I shoot and try different things, but I’m definitely more submissive.”

What does the future hold for this quirky and non-conformist star? “My future is always uncertain. I’ve never had one passion, or one thing that I want to do with my life. I like make-up, so I’d like to try that. Maybe I could try translation, because I speak different languages. Maybe I could try opening a restaurant. I want to try new things all the time because I get bored really easily. So I could be doing anything in the next two years, I don’t know.”

We certainly hope there are a lot more movies for The Life Erotic in Stella’s future! Check out the full video interview here.


Kinky movie of the month: April 2017

It’s been an exciting month at The Life Erotic, with beautiful girls indulging in all kinds of kinky play and our artists creating groundbreaking movies to inspire and arouse you. Here’s my personal and entirely subjective pick of my top movies of the month. Which was yours?

Clever, challenging and scorching hot, Alis Locanta’s stunning movie “I Wanna Fuck Myself,” starring Spanish beauty Penelope Cum, is a must-see for anyone who appreciates stellar cinematography. Sexy Penelope basks in narcissistic regard for herself, embracing her mirror image and putting on an explosive masturbatory show with the aid of a thick dildo. It’s compellingly kinky viewing.

The Morning After” by Shane Shadow is a very different and more down-to-earth affair, as pretty blonde Elza A returns home after a night on the tiles. Swigging from a bottle of red wine, she pours it over her perfect breasts and sweet shaved pussy as she plays in the bathtub, fingering herself avidly.

But my absolute favorite movie of the month is “Vibrations” directed by John Chalk, which marks the TLE debut of gorgeous Cristal Caitlin. The blue-eyed blonde has never looked better in sexy black lingerie and stockings, her pretty pussy visibly twitching as she shaves it and then diddles herself with the vibrating handle of the razor.

Which was your favorite TLE movie of the month? 



My sexy roommate

Erotic fiction inspired by Chela and Serena A in “Touch Me

Back in college I had a roommate who opened my eyes to all kinds of things. Kimberley was the classic all-American cheerleader type, with long blonde hair and a perfect tan, but she was also a horny little devil. We had so much fun together and I have a lot to thank her for, in particular opening my mind to the full spectrum of sexual pleasure.

I remember the day she first began to broaden my horizons as if it were yesterday. We’d been rooming together for three months or so and had already indulged in the typical girlie kissing and cuddling, to the point where Kim had rubbed my pussy through my panties, pulling out of a kiss to laugh, “Oh, my god! You’re so turned on!”

Sharing a room meant we’d seen each other naked practically every day. I’d even pretended to be asleep one night when she’d brought back a guy to fuck. I masturbated covertly as I listened to them screw, sneaking a peek every now and then, although I had to stop before I came because I didn’t think I could stay silent.

On this day in particular she walked into our dorm room with a big box and dropped it on my bed.

“Oh, baby, we’re gonna have some fun tonight,” she said, hands on hips looking down at her treasure.

“What is it?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Haven’t you got a lecture to get to? I’ll see you here after class. Come alone…”

I couldn’t get anything else out of her; she practically pushed me out of the room.

When I got back a couple of hours later the door was locked from the inside and I had to knock to get in. Kim opened the door and stood there wearing fishnet stockings and garters with a black chiffon tutu and a lot of black eyeliner, her hair slicked back in a ponytail. She looked like some kind of kinky ballerina.

“You’re late,” she said sternly, trying to keep a straight face. I just stood there, staring at her, until she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in. “Oh, come on, stop standing there and come and have some fun with me!”

“What are you doing?” I asked as she dragged me inside. The blinds were drawn, the room was tidied, her mysterious box was now sitting open on her bed and there was a ‘costume’ laid out on mine. I was a little bit freaked out – what on earth was she planning?

She put her arms around my waist. “Well, you know how the other night you got all worked up when we were kissing? I thought we could have some more fun like that, and then I thought maybe you wouldn’t want to because you’re not a lesbian and you’d get all freaked out if we took it any further, and then I thought if we made a game out of it you wouldn’t have to worry about being gay or not because it wasn’t anything serious it was just a bit of fun and girls can have fun together and we’re girls and, well, I’m fun and so are you…”

She was talking nineteen to the dozen and then she stopped suddenly, looked me square in the eyes and kissed me, pressing her whole body up close to mine. I instinctively responded, opening my mouth to let Kim’s tongue snake between my lips. My hands slid around her waist and I pulled her closer.

Kim pulled away. “So you do want to have some fun with me? Cool! Put on your costume and I’ll tell you all about it.”

My outfit was a pair of black PVC trousers with no crotch and a half-cup black lace bra that did nothing more than hold my bare tits up. I had never worn anything like it, but I got dressed in my new clothes without question, listening to Kim. The game was that she was my sex teacher who was going to teach me all about how to make a woman cum and I was her pupil. I had to do whatever she told me to do or else, she said, taking a leather whip out of the box. I still can’t believe I didn’t run out of the room the moment I saw it. Maybe I was already so turned on that it just excited me more.

“Now, let’s start with something simple,” Kimberly said, smiling. “Come over here and show me how you kiss a woman.”

I kissed her on the lips. “No!” said Kimberly, “That’s not right. You don’t turn a woman on with a peck on the lips. Push your tongue into my mouth.” I did as I was told, spreading her lips open with my tongue searching for hers. “That’s much better,” she said. “I can see we have a contender for star pupil. Alright, you’ve mastered kissing, let’s move on. Every woman likes having her titties played with, show me how you play with titties.”

I really didn’t know what to do so I reached out with both hands and squeezed her breasts through her top. “No, silly! That’s not how you do it!” Giggling, she lost her stern manner for a moment before regaining her composure. “Looks like I have some teaching to do. This is how you turn a woman on properly.” She pulled me close and with one hand on my back, she began to stroke my breast, her fingernails grazing my nipple, making it hard. “You see how that feels good?”

I bit my lip and nodded. With one hand still playing with my breast, Kim snaked the other down my naked belly to my pussy, fingers searching for my hole.

“Oh, yeah, you see,” Kimberly beamed when she felt my juices on her fingers. “We’re having fun, aren’t we?”

Bending, she sucked on my nipple, her fingers still tentatively tracing my slit, and I let out a little moan. Standing up straight, she put her hands on her hips and said, “Now show me what you’ve learned.”

I stood looking at her, wishing she would touch me again, until she said, “Not doing what you’re told leads to punishment,” flicking at me with her leather whip. I reached out for her breasts again.

“No!” another little flick of her whip. “You can’t turn me on through my clothes. You have to undress me.”

I reached up and slipped the straps of her tutu off her shoulders. She was naked underneath, her nipples already hard. Her tanned breasts were warm to the touch and I cupped one in each hand. It was so arousing.

“Pinch my nipples like I showed you,” she said and I did as I was told. “Yeah, that’s right. Ooh, you’re making them harder. They’re ready to suck…” I bent my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking it gently between my lips while still holding the other between finger and thumb.

“Have you turned your teacher on?” she asked, stroking my hair.

“Um, I don’t know.”

“Well how are you going to find out?” she asked and I knew what she meant. I ran my hand down her incredible body, stopping short of her crotch – I had never touched another woman’s pussy before and I was a little nervous. “Don’t be scared. It won’t bite you,” she said, taking hold of my wrist and guiding my hand down to her pussy. I could feel her plump lips through her tutu, her clitoris twitching. “Am I turned on?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Kim stepped back and rolled her tutu down her hips until it was on the floor beneath her and she was naked except for her stockings and heels.

“Now, for this next lesson I think it best if you show me what you think eating pussy is. Kneel down.” I knelt before her, looking up into her eyes with my hands in my lap. “Well come on, star pupil, show teacher how you eat pussy.”

I reached out to run my hands over her thighs, put out my tongue and dipped my head forward, searching for her pussy without breaking our gaze. Pussies are so difficult to work out with just your tongue though. After a bit of misguided licking and poking, Kimberly laughed, then said in her stern school ma’am voice, “You really don’t know anything about pussies, do you? Is this your first? I’ll help you.”

She grabbed my head and pushed me closer to her mound, grinding her wet slit against my face. “You’ve got to get your tongue right in there. Spread it wide and flat. Yes, that’s it. Open my pussy with your tongue and get me wet all over.” With two hands, Kimberly took hold of my head. “Now suck on teacher’s clit. Suck it all into your mouth. Gently…”

I did as I was told, sucking her clitoris into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the tip, really getting into it. Savoring her taste, curling my tongue down into her hole, trying hard to make her cum. I so wanted to get her off, to be her ‘star pupil.’

Incredibly, Kimberly started to tremble, then bucked and thrust against my mouth, whimpering as she came. It felt amazing. “You’re definitely my star pupil today. And star pupils always get a reward,” she pured.

I stayed kneeling at her feet as she prowled around me like she was inspecting me. “Your ass looks great in those pants. Stick it out for me.”

I leaned forward, hands on the floor and ass up. Kim draped her leather whip over my asshole and pussy, stroking it up and down. She squatted down behind me and I felt her hands on my ass.

“Teacher’s going to show you another way to turn a woman on.”

Her fingers traced my pussy lips. I was wet and aching for her, my lips spread, my hole open. Kim slid two fingers inside me and I flinched with surprise and pleasure.

“This is fun, isn’t it,” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes!” I cried, louder than I had intended to.

“You’ve had a cock in here before, haven’t you?”

“Yes!” again too loud.

“Does this feel like a cock?” Kimberly asked, and pushed the handle of her whip inside me. “Women can fuck just like men, all we need is something long… hard… and thick…”

She drove her whip inside me, flicking the tails onto my asshole lightly, spanking my ass with her free hand – and I fucking loved it! I began to buck back against her whip, trying to get it deeper and deeper inside me as Kim fucked me harder and harder. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I must have exploded after a minute or so; and it took another minute to come to my senses again and realize that I was on the floor of my dorm room wearing crotchless PVC pants with a whip handle up my pussy and the taste of my roommate’s juices on my lips.

Yes, that day opened my eyes to the world of great sex and I have not looked back since. So thanks, Kim. Thanks for making my horizon so much broader and more exciting. I will never forget you – or my first taste of pussy.


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Sexy model Lucy Heart reveals her kinky side on The Life Erotic

Gorgeous model Lucy Heart is best known for her glamorous looks, but here at The Life Erotic she has also found an outlet for her wild and kinky nature. The sultry, sexy blonde with a beautiful face and sensational figure – particularly her perfect-handful breasts – is a favorite throughout the MetArt Network, featuring in dozens of stylish photosets and movies, but the 26-year-old Russian star only made her movie debut on The Life Erotic in February – and what a dramatic debut it was.

Your Slave,” directed by Alis Locanta, showcased the blonde bombshell’s blatant sensuality to intense effect, as she wears a ballgag attached by chains to nipple clamps, and a skimpy bodysuit, the crotch of which she pulls up tight between her lips, before tugging it aside to fuck her pussy and ass with a ridged vibrator. Long legs spread, saliva dribbling around the gag, Lucy looks the picture of debauched self-pleasure.  

Lucy is very direct and frank when it comes to discussing her sexual preferences in that alluring Russian accent.

“I’m very sensual and erotic, I like sex, and I think I am very good at this job!” she reveals. “I like everything about my body. I like cunnilingus. I like blowjobs. I like anal and vaginal. I like pretty much everything. I don’t really have a favorite position, but I like cowgirl and doggy. Like everybody, I love masturbating. I do it with my fingers normally, but if I’m in the bathroom I like to make the water spray against my pussy!”

She considers herself bisexual: “I like girls in my personal life, but it’s just the same as with guys, when you meet a person you can just tell if you like them or not. I like smart guys with big cocks.”

She’s adventurous too: “I am more of an exhibitionist than a voyeur. One of my sexual fantasies is uniforms, a military uniform, or a fireman – that’s the sexiest. I feel on fire when I see firemen – it’s a big fetish. There’s something very sexy about doctors, too. In the future I would like to shoot movies about some strange fetishes. I like strange things because they are more interesting.”

She doesn’t see herself as a romantic: “I’m not really a romantic person. I’m more rough – because I’m Russian! Romantic moments are a really complicated thing. If you organize something specially, like you put roses on the bed and light candles, that can be romantic. But if a romantic moment happens without organization, just improvisation, it’s much better. For example: you are walking down the street in a wonderful mood, and street musicians are playing exactly what you want to hear at that moment, that is a romantic moment – not something you do specially. I like it when it gives me the surprise of my life, that really thrills me.”

You can see the full video interview with Lucy here.



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