Dominica's Kinky Candle Party

March 27, 2019 - by: Donna

Erotic fiction inspired by Dominica in “Infatuation 2

When I invited my oldest friend over for a drink last week, I didn’t think anything would happen. After all, why would it? She’s beautiful and a few years older than me, and while I know she has far more experience than I do, I didn’t think she’d ever use it on me.

Before she came over, I set up candles in my dining room and opened a bottle of wine. It was a gift from a wealthy friend, so I was pretty sure it was going to be delicious. Little did I know that the candles would play as big a role in our evening’s fun.

As we sat talking, my friend told me of her recent exploits. Somehow she manages to date more men than I ever could, and as she spoke of her experiences, I found myself licking my full lips without even realizing it. The more she talked and the more wine I drank, the more excited I became, until I was sure she must be aware of my aroused state.

After what felt like hours, she finally looked me in the eyes, then let her gaze wander over my body as if she were undressing me. I was only wearing a short leather skirt and a sexy little top, and under her gaze, I felt practically naked. When she told me to move to the chair, I was so wet I didn’t know what to do with myself. At first, I hesitated, unsure if I understood what she wanted me to do. But after she made it clear, I got up, my body trembling as I made my way to the chair.

Before I could do anything else, she was behind me, touching my hair and telling me how pretty I looked. She caressed my shoulders and leaned in close before reaching around and placing a leather blindfold over my eyes. Suddenly I couldn’t see anything at all!

As I sat there shivering with nervous excitement, she told me to remove my top. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, and I felt so vulnerable as I slowly peeled it off, revealing my small breasts to the most gorgeous woman I knew. My long blonde hair barely covered them; I’ve never felt so exposed in my entire life.

Sitting there, shaking like it was my first sexual encounter, I felt her approach me again. I could sense her body next to mine, but even then I didn’t realize what she was going to do. As I sat back, tilting my head up, I felt it for the first time: the hot wax dripped from the candle onto my pert breasts, splashing my nipples. The heat was exhilarating and I nearly screamed out at the sensation.

Trembling with excitement, I almost didn’t hear her when she told me to touch myself. Part of me wanted to run, but I took a deep breath and then slowly lifted my tiny skirt. I hadn’t even bothered to put on panties that morning; the thought that my best friend was looking at the smooth, wet lips of my pussy blew my mind.

As she watched, I licked my fingers and then slid them down my body and in between my thighs. When I slipped them inside my pussy, I thought I might cum right then and there. Between the heat of the wax and warmth of her gaze, I was on fire, and I began to rub my swollen pussy for all I was worth.

It felt like hours that I sat there touching myself, unable to see, but feeling her eyes on me. At one point, she told me to lose all of my clothes, and this time I didn’t hesitate as I pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. Lying back, completely naked now, my smooth skin was covered only in hot wax.

I began to touch myself once more. Being watched was exciting, but I needed something to push me over the edge. As I lifted my legs, exposing my shaved pussy and asshole to her gaze, I was practically begging her for it. And when she finally titled the candle over one last time and dripped that hot wax all over me, I started to climax.

I couldn’t hold back as I lay on the chair, my legs open wide and my fingers buried within my pussy. Crying out, I felt my orgasm begin, and there was no holding back. With my friend watching, my naked body hot and sweaty, and my pussy throbbing, I came so loudly I thought I might die of embarrassment.

But the entire time I came, in fact, the whole time I lay touching myself, my oldest friend watched and whispered words of encouragement. With her wine glass in hand, she told me to orgasm for her, and I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.

So, when she suggested that next week she return, this time with a handsome male friend, all I could do was nod.

And make sure I stocked up on candles.


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Sacred Orgasms

March 11, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Adel Morel, Alice Shea and Michelle H in “Playing Footsies 2

No topic had Adel lost in thought more than the mystery of the orgasm. She was wondering if the rush of an orgasm – similar to the speed of light – actually slowed down time, when she was interrupted by a kick in the shin.

“Earth to Adel,” said Alice.

“It’s time for the wine,” said Michelle. “Scoot, scoot.”

Michelle and Alice were Adel’s back pew friends. The had become close over time, sitting within earshot of each other during prayers. In whispers, they learned they had common confessions, ranging from envy of earthly pleasures like high heels to lusting for kinky indulgences.

Coffee hour always made them restless and bored. “We’re in these cute little dresses,” said Alice. “We can’t just go home.”

Michelle had one more day housesitting for a wealthy couple, and she figured her friends could help her make the most of the high life. She still hadn’t seen half the rooms in the place, but she knew where to find the stereo, streaming her favorite jazz throughout the house.

“You have to see the master suite,” said Michelle.

Their heels echoed as they walked up the marble staircase into a large bedroom. There was a tall table under the TV that could have served as an altar. It was sturdy enough for all of them to sit on. Michelle took her heels off and put on some fishnet socks.

“The missus has some crazy shit in her drawers,” she said. “And she buys everything in bulk!”

Michelle had matching pairs of socks for her girlfriends. Alice took off her shoes and put them on and Adel followed suit. They sat in silence with their fishnets entangled in a game of footsies.

“Who’s going first?” asked Michelle.

“First?” said Adel.

Michelle and Alice laughed at her. “You’re it!” said Alice.

Michelle and Alice got off the table and sprawled out on the bed looking like they were getting ready to watch a show.

“What?” said Adel.

“You’re always telling us that in a holy place we should be naked and without shame,” said Alice.

 “And cumming,” said Michelle.

“So show us!” said Alice.

Adel smiled and let the tension fall out from underneath her shoulders. It made her feel good to be among like-minded friends. Their sinful stares sent a tingling sensation pulsing through her veins, which she tried to follow with open palms that she moved over her body.

Adel lifted her short red dress over her head as she watched her friends’ hands disappear under their dresses.

Adel was beautiful. Her brown hair fell lazily around her elegant face. She was graceful, with a style that harkened back to more traditional times. Her lace bra and panties were see-through over the sensitive pink parts – those rock-hard nipples and her plump pussy. She stretched out her long legs and gave herself a foot rub through the fishnet socks.

“Come on, baby,” said Michelle.

Adel lay back slowly – the table was cold against her shoulders – and slipped off her underwear. She spread her legs wide, showing Michelle and Alice her bush-barren pussy. She wasted no time showing off her glittering nails, which shimmered as she strummed over her wet folds.

“Fuck,” said Adel, clasping at her neck and sucking on a finger.

Alice and Michelle kept their dresses on but they were touching themselves at the same pace through their underwear. It was a mystical experience for Adel. She felt as if their hands were touching her. The sensation of millions of fingers made her feet tense up. The tingling went all the way up her spine and down to her hands.

When she came, Adel swore her soul became material. But whenever she tried to embrace it, it seemed to flee from her. There was no containing it. The only thing she could do was bring it back.

Adel took off her bra, proudly displaying her perky little breasts. She sat up on the edge of the table, lifting up her ass so she could massage it with the dense part of her palm as she masturbated. She wanted to go deeper, loosening her pussy with a finger until… time stopped again. Her soul remerged and enwrapped her.

It took a little while to recover. Her friends were still dressed and slowly playing with themselves.

“Who’s next?” said Adel.

We’re not long to the world. Treat every orgasm like it could be your last.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


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