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Wide Open

Erotic fiction inspired by Liz Rainbow in “Big Black Cock 2

My girl Liz will do anything I ask her to, especially when it involves her pussy. The bigger they are, the harder she cums, that’s the way it is with her. If it stretches her wide, her smile grows wider.

You can put anything in front of her and she’ll try to fuck it. I have watched her fuck bottles, vegetables, friends and strangers. All I have to do is bring her something or someone and tell her to do her worst and she’ll be all over it.

I bought her something very special the other day, a monstrous black rubber dildo. It was so big it was thicker than her forearm, and longer too. I sent her a message on the way home, telling her to make herself ready because she was in for a treat.

When I got home, there she was, on the couch in a PVC skirt, no panties, and a strappy matching bra. The look of expectation and excitement on her face was priceless. And that was before I’d even taken the cock out.

Damn, but did she squeal when she saw it. I took it out of the bag nice and slow, inch by inch, watching her eyes grow wider until I slammed it down on the coffee table, the rubber sucker attaching it firmly to the top.

Liz purred like a cat and crawled around in front of it, testing it out with her mouth. It was so big she couldn’t get more than the tip between her lips, although she tried her hardest to swallow more. But this didn’t dampen her spirits, it just made her wet between the legs.

She stopped trying to suck it and looked up at me, her eyes sparkling with naughtiness, then stood up and lifted her skirt. Her eyes never left mine as she rubbed her slit, pulling strings of her cream over her clit and up to her mouth, tasting her own ooze.

Then she slowly turned around, keeping her skirt up for me, revealing her fine ass, and lowered her hips down to the cock. With one hand, she reached down to steady the rubber phallus and press it to her pussy. She took the tip between her pussy lips easily, letting go of the long, dark shaft and sliding her body down its length.

I watched her throw her head back, heard the gasp slip from her mouth, and sat down to enjoy the show. Liz didn’t hold back. No nice and easy for this horny slut. She fucked that monster with a hunger she reserved only for the biggest of dicks, thrusting herself down on it, forcing it deep inside her pussy. She pumped herself up and down like a jackhammer, in love with the way it filled her and opened her up.

Then she slowed right down, pushing and pushing, taking every inch, as much as she could handle. Eventually it could go no further, and she wasn’t even halfway along it.

She stood up and plucked it from the table, waved it at me to make it wobble, then sashayed off to the bedroom. I followed, walking in to see her kneeling on the bed, two hands around her ass, gripping it tight while she forced the dildo up her pussy from behind, her moans growing in volume.

That was one hell of a horny sight. I was tempted to pull my own cock out and jerk off onto her asshole, but while I was thinking about it, she rolled over onto her back. Using her elbows to pin her knees back, Liz used one hand to pump the enormous black dildo in and out of her pussy and the other to grope her clit.

Her pussy was stretched as wide as I had ever seen it, each pump in and out rolling her lips back and forth, and I watched transfixed as she fucked herself to a wet, loud orgasm and then just lay there with the big black cock stuck inside her pussy. She didn’t move until it had slid all the way out of her, and that was a long time later, let me tell you.

I’ve since hidden the dildo in the house, with Liz begging me to tell her where it is. I’m not going to tell her until she’s drained my balls at least another three times, but I don’t hear her complaining about that.


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    beetle 17 hours ago

    Lara is absolutely horny again. Watching her masturbate is pure happiness. And daydreams are awakened in me. How nice it would be if I could satisfy sexually Lara. Oh how nice.

    on Plastic Wrap 2

    beetle 2 days ago

    Oh my dear Rose, these dark haired girls with a cute face and a slim body, are your type, I know that. So I wish you an entertaining and exciting viewing and enjoying the photos.

    on Taking Turns 1

    Rose 2 days agoCommunity Staff

    Amie is just my type – cute dark-haired Hispanic honey, yum! The way she grabs Serena's boobs is hot :-)

    on Taking Turns 1

    Shakau 2 days ago

    A masterpiece of female erotica. Kate's uninhabited intense sensuality was so beautifully showcased and exquisitely portrayed. Thank you to all who had a hand in creating this gorgeous work of art.

    on Pumping Time 2

    Snwordfish 3 days ago

    Love her. Specialy her cute face and her Moaning when she cums hard. thanks TLE.

    on Teressa

    Snwordfish 3 days ago

    Fantastic Hottie. I like her Fetish.

    on Spank 2

    beetle 4 days ago

    A sensational photo set. Mira is just adorable.
    I am particularly excited by the photo in which the rough, firm and red rope is laid around the tiny, tender and soft breast of Mira. That makes her really horniness, and so her areolas and nipples have become firm and stiff .
    Then the photos of Miras incredibly beautiful wet pussy and her plump and fleshy labia. Adorable.

    on Loosen Up

    beetle 4 days ago

    Yummy, hot and horny. I love her pussy and her plump fleshy labia!

    on Pumping Time 2

    beetle 6 days ago

    Wow, how sexy and horny. A Girl to my taste. Delicious.

    on Nylon Relief 1

    Godoctorgo 7 days ago

    So beautiful wearing a chain.

    on Silent Strain