Private dildo show

May 29, 2018 - by: Michael

Erotic fiction inspired by Kalisy in “Spread Your Legs 2

She has always been a teaser, always got her kicks from leading me on. She likes the power it gives her, the way it makes her feel.

I like it too. I like to watch. I could watch her all day. Today she came to me with a wish. A request. I was to lie down on the floor and wait for her. Whatever happened, I was to remain where I was. I could not touch, I should not speak. I should watch and enjoy.

How could I refuse?

She drew the blinds, made sure I was comfortable and left the room. I lay there amused and excited, waiting.

I heard her before I saw her, heels clicking on the hard, wooden floor. Then she entered. She was wearing a red dress, short, with a zip up the front, and matching pumps. Her blonde hair had been pulled back in a tight bun, her lipstick matched her red dress exactly.

She stopped in the doorway, held onto the doorframe and stared at me. Then she crossed the room, her walk slow and deliberate. She stood at my head, feet together, looking down at me.

Cocking her head to one side, she stepped over me, one foot on either side of my head. Above me, her red panties disappearing between the cut of her ass cheeks, dark in the shadow of her dress, her face visible, gazing down at me.

I stared up at her pussy inside her panties, inside her skirt, and wished I was allowed to touch. But I knew her well enough to play the game. She began to grind her hips around and around. A hand appeared and pulled up her skirt, rolling it over her hips until there were no shadows. She rubbed at her pussy through her panties, which made the fabric slip and slide, exposing glimpses of her plump lips.

She pulled her panties aside and showed me her pussy, shaved but for a thin strip of blonde pubic hair above her clit. Then she unzipped her dress and tossed it away. I looked up at her beautiful breasts, the nipples puffy, and wished that I could move, get up and suck on them.

Then she walked away.

She left the room; I heard her heels click away into the dining room. When she returned, she was carrying a chair. She placed it above my head and walked out again. When she came back, she had a dildo, one I had not seen before, with a suction cup at the base.

She stood over me and bent down, legs straight, attaching the dildo to the chair. Then she knelt over me, her breasts so close to my face, her pussy so close to my crotch. I was so hard inside my pants, aching to pull myself free, to grab her by the hips and pull her down onto my cock. But I indulged my love just as she had asked.

She placed the dildo on the edge of the seat and looked down at me, licking it, sucking it, taking it deep into her mouth. Then she stood and turned around, straddling my head again. I watched, transfixed, as she lowered her body onto the cock, sinking her pussy around it, taking it inside her wet slit. She rode it, up and down, deep and hard, moaning with pleasure. I could see her pussy lips sliding back and forth on it, her clit squeezed between their folds.

Standing again, she fingered herself, two, then three fingers inside, right over my face. I could have reached out and added some of my own… Then she turned and sat back down on the hard, plastic cock, her ass over my face, cheeks spread. If only I could move, I thought, I could finger her asshole.

When she stood up again, I knew she was close to orgasm; her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and her moans were loud. She took the dildo in her hand, sitting with her pussy hanging over the edge of the seat. I had a clear view of the toy entering her and it was like this that she came, her body convulsing.

When she was through, she squatted over my face, her pussy so close I could lick it. I smelled her aroused aroma. She reached down with one finger and swiped it from her hole to her clit, then dipped it inside my mouth, letting me taste her.

And then she was gone, leaving the room, leaving me alone. When she came back she was dressed again and I was allowed to get up.

Tonight, I will fuck her. I will use her new dildo and take her from behind, my prick inside her wet pussy, her toy inside her tight ass.


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Foot massage, pussy massage!

May 22, 2018 - by: Naomi

Erotic fiction inspired by Black Fox in “Morning Ritual

Some mornings I wake up and my feet ache after a night out dancing, and need some tender loving care. I will smooth moisturizer over them, and if it’s a workday I’ll wish I could lie in bed a while longer, massaging them, or better yet, having someone else do it for me.

I love having my feet played with, and it gets me very horny. So if it’s the weekend and I wake up with throbbing feet and a tingling pussy, it’s the perfect excuse for some toe-sucking fun; and if I’m alone, I take the opportunity for some pampering that will leaving me glowing, as only a foot massage and an orgasm can!

I like to lie back and squirt a little lotion onto my hands, then run them over each sole, slipping my fingers between my toes, squeezing them. I feel the pleasure through my whole body. It’s like a current of sexual electricity shooting from my toes straight up to my pussy, especially first thing in the morning when my body is just awakening.

I squirt a little more moisturizer onto my fingers, and then I rub it into my pussy. Sometimes, I can be gentle and take my time, using one finger to trace the ridges of my pussy lips, just lying there enjoying the soft, slippery sensation. If I touch myself lightly enough, it’s almost as if someone else is doing it.

Other times, when I’ve been having wild sexual fantasies in my sleep, I’m a little rougher with myself. This morning I woke up after dreaming about some kinky playtime. I had been imagining that my ankles were handcuffed to the bedposts and I was spreadeagled, at the mercy of a very horny lover.

I couldn’t shake the image from my mind, so I grabbed my handcuffs and fastened them around my ankles. The sensation of the cold, hard steel against my skin and the sensual aroma of the lotion were two things guaranteed to get me really aroused. Now that my ankles were shackled together, I had to turn my feet so that they rubbed against each other, slipping and sliding each heel back and forth, knees wide, as I rubbed lotion into my pussy.

It felt so arousing. I closed my eyes and lay back, seeking out the hazy images from my erotic dream, adding detail to them in my fantasies. I fondled my breasts and squeezed my nipples, intensifying the horny sensations coursing through me.

I’d already been getting wet before I rubbed moisturizer into my slit, and once I had those cuffs around my ankles I could feel my juices seeping out to gloss my pussy lips. I pushed a couple of fingers into my tight hole. In my mind’s eye, I was picturing my lover’s hand on my pussy. I curled my hand, lotion-slick palm flat against my clit, and pressed harder. I rammed two, then three fingers inside myself, circling and twisting them, stretching my pussy open.

I moved my feet apart as far as I could, feeling the harsh steel of the cuffs resist, forcing me into position. The restraint was a turn-on. I like the perversity of bondage, the way it increases the suspense and intensifies the pleasure by restricting movement. I couldn’t spread my legs, but I could ram my pussy down onto my fingers, and ride them like the cock I was craving.

I rubbed my clit hard, keeping myself on the edge of tension, wanting to slow down, to ease up, while my body cried out for me to make it cum. I remembered that in my dream I had been released from my bonds only to be turned over and fucked from behind. I curled up, fingers fucking my wet hole harder and harder as I thought about the big dick from my dream piercing my pussy from behind.

I got up on my knees. It was hard to get my legs open, the cuffs were really biting into my ankles, forcing me to keep my legs together; but my dream was fully remembered now, and in it, I was forced face down on my bed by rough hands, my feet clasped by an unknown man as if there were many men in the room. Two held me tight, pinned down, as a third, with a massive cock, squatted over me, slapped my ass hard and then plunged his thick pole into my pussy.

Oh god, did I cum hard right then, kneeling on my bed with my feet straining against the cuffs, my fingers hammering into my pussy so fast and furious. When I came I just suddenly stopped, as my orgasm climbed to the edge of the precipice and stared down into the depths. And as soon as it came crashing down on me, I fucked my pussy as viciously as I could, my knuckles slapping my clit, my teeth biting down on my pillow, whimpering into the cotton, body spasming.

Just thinking about how good that orgasm was this morning has me stroking my pussy through my panties right now. I think I’m going to go find my cuffs again and have a little play…


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If you enjoy sexy stories, you’re in good company. Today’s scorching new movie “Erotic Fiction” finds stunning brunette Lilu turning herself on by reading a racy story in the bathtub, her fingers exploring her pussy as she gets more and more aroused.

Sandra Shine’s movie is particularly exciting for me because I wrote the story Lilu is reading. Watching her getting so aroused, pinching her stiff nipples, spreading her pretty pussy open and fingering herself frantically as she reads it is a real thrill – it’s just the effect I hoped it would have!

The story is titled “Beg Me To Stop” and you can find it, and many other steamy tales and true confessions to get your pulse racing, on our free fiction site, There's a podcast too, so you can listen to the story – I hope it has the same effect on you as it had on Lilu!



Nylon Love

May 08, 2018 - by: Naomi

Erotic fiction inspired by Melody Petite in “Nylon 2

Sex is all in the mind, right? Sure… except when it isn’t. For me, what arouses me most is touch. I like the feel of things against my skin, between my fingers, on my lips.

And if there’s one thing I love to feel more than anything else, it’s nylons. Pantyhose, stockings, garters, I love it all. The way pantyhose cling to me from toe to waist, hugging my pussy; the way a garter strap feels when I clasp it to a stocking and snap it against my thigh – it’s the ultimate turn-on.

Today, I was in the mood for classic stockings and garters. I woke early and took my time getting dressed in a black lace bra, sheer nylons with a black seam all the way up the back, flesh colored garter belt and straps, and black panties. By the time I got home from work, I was so turned on I went straight in my bedroom and undressed down to my lingerie and heels. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked so good.

I snapped a garter strap against my thigh, and ran my hands down my leg, feeling the muscles of my calf, enjoying the tightness of the stocking on my skin. At last I could stroke my nylons without arousing the suspicion of others.

I slipped my hand inside and thrilled as the nylon tightened over my hand and thigh, licking my thumb through the sheer material, tasting it, wetting it. I wondered, should I take my stockings off and rub them over my pussy? Get them wet with my own juices and then suck on them?

I looked down and admired my beautiful shoes. Shiny and sexy, they looked great with my nylons. The stockings felt so good against my skin that I didn’t want to take them off – I wanted them to keep me inside their grip, make me feel as if they were lusting after me as much as I was lusting after them.

I took off one of my shoes and tested it against my pussy, pressing the heel up against my lips through my panties to see how it felt. It felt good. It was just wide enough to cover my clit and it was so hard against my soft flesh. I brought it to my mouth to see how it tasted, licking the heel, kissing it. I slid it into my panties, grinding it on my clit. I couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure as my lips spread open around it. I was stroking my stockings with one hand, rubbing my shoe against my clit with the other. The sensations were driving me wild. But I needed more.

I grabbed my favorite dildo from the nightstand. It was thick and ridged, a solid, hard cock just waiting for a pussy to come along and ride it. I rubbed it up against my breasts, teasing my nipples to stiffness, and then slid it into the top of my stocking. I love having a guy push his cock inside my stocking, the nylon holding his boner tight against me so I can feel it throb, hot and hard. I shoved two fingers in my pussy, stirring them around in my wetness as I moved the rubber dick to and fro under my stocking.

I fantasized that it was a real cock as I jammed it into my tight, wet pussy. It speared me, opened me up, my juices pouring out over the balls. My fingers worked my clit as I pumped the thick cock in and out. I clamped my fingers around my pussy lips, working them over the shaft as I fucked myself. I came fast and hard, before I even knew it was going to happen. It was so explosive I just couldn’t hold it back.

I planned to use my shoe on my clit again, to ball up my stockings and push them into my soaked pussy, to suck on the dildo while I sawed my stockings between my lips to rub my clit. But first, I was going to bounce on this big dick some more…


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Kinky movie of the month: April 2018

May 01, 2018 - by: Rose

April 2018 showered us with some supremely hot and kinky action here at The Life Erotic. There were so many sensational movies to choose from that you’ll have one hell of a time trying to pick your favorite; of course you know what floats your boat, but it’s so much fun watching and re-watching every single one, just to make sure…

Sexy brunette Lilu set the benchmark at the start of the month in Sandra Shine’s “Undercover Train,” a movie in which we hang out with her at a Hungarian station while she flashes and fiddles with herself in public. What a dirty, daring girl! Busty blonde babe Nathaly Cherie shone in John Chalk’s “Shaved 2,” razoring off her bush and stroking her clit; and curvy Sandy E was irresistible in Shane Shadow’s dungeon game “Blonde Ambition.” So much hotness to choose from, but here’s my personal and totally subjective top three movies of the month:

Jia Lissa, the pale, freckled redhead who’s fast becoming a firm favorite right across the MetArt Network, is incredible to watch in Red Fox’s “Leisure.” The sight of her with a ball gag in her mouth and her ankles roped together as she stuffs a dildo up her tight, shaved pussy, knees around her ears, is quite spectacular. We already knew she was gorgeous, but now we also know that she’s a kinky, insatiable babe who loves to push her own boundaries.  

If you like post-apocalyptic movies, stunning brunette Maarit in Denis Gray’s “Edge of the Earth 2” is a real attention-grabber. A unique and memorable scenario, it sees Maarit exploring a boneyard in nothing but a mask, gloves, heels and thong panties. Sprawled out on a rusted railroad truck, she masturbates in the desolate landscape, beautiful and vibrant against her arid, decaying surroundings. Artistic and arousing, you’ve never seen anything like this before…

Fans of spanking, bondage and intense girl-on-girl action are sure to enjoy seeing Anna G and Ayza in “You Are Mine 2,” directed by Xanthus. Azya is trussed up, ropes lashing her to the table, as Anna spanks her sweet ass and laps at her juicy pussy, slapping her clit hard. It’s obvious both girls are really into it, getting more and more frantic as the delicious torment builds to a climax. If you like watching sexual power play as much as I do, one viewing will certainly not be enough!

What was your favorite TLE movie of the month?


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