Big breasts bouncing as she rides

March 27, 2018 - by: Peter

Erotic fiction inspired by Daiga in “Red Surrender

My slave does as she’s told, whatever I tell her to do. Sometimes I am a cruel master, but there are times when I am generous and allow her to experience pleasure. And yet, I must always have mine too.

Daiga has a beautiful body, with an asset that my friends all comment on with enthusiasm. She has a large, stunning pair of breasts that are a constant source of pleasure for me – and for her, when I choose to allow it.

It is not often that I allow her to orgasm. Sometimes it cannot be helped – at these times it is only that she achieves orgasm spontaneously, while attending to me. But it is rare that she is allowed to pleasure herself.

This past month, I had not been at home much, and so when I was there, I made sure that I took total control over Daiga. But I was working so hard that eventually I was too tired to do anything more than slump in a chair and relax with a drink.

Daiga tended to me, kneeling before me expectantly. It was a Friday. Was she expecting me to have my way with her?

“I am too tired for you,” I told her, waving her away. “Go and sit on the bed and be quiet.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, deflated. I was suddenly saddened. A slave expects as much from her master as a master expects of his slave – it is something that is only obvious to those of us involved in such relationships. I had not been around enough to play my part…

“You will make yourself cum today,” I said. She looked up at me, surprised, almost confused.

“H-how shall I cum?” she asked. I waved my hand, the ice clinking in the glass.

“Do as you wish,” I said. For a moment she was unable to move. I had for so long been in charge of her that she had no doubt forgotten what it was like to make decisions for herself.

“But first, you will entertain me. Take off your top,” I said. Always, I must have some fun.

She unlaced her bra, a leather one, and placed it on the bed beside her. Her beautiful breasts swung free, her big nipples, as ever, catching my eye.

“Now find my cat o' nine tails.”

I have a collection of whips, but by far my favorite one for breasts is my leather cat o’ nine tails. It can hurt a little or a lot and it can cover a large area. It can also tease and titillate – perfect for Daiga’s pendulous boobs.

Daiga brought my whip to me, but I sent her back to the bed with it in hand.

“I will not be involved, expect to give instructions when I see fit,” I explained. “This is one of those instructions. You are to use this on your tits. Make your nipples hard with it. I don’t care how you do it, just make them hard. And when they’re stiff, bring them to me.”

I watched her as she climbed onto the bed and knelt with whip in hand, like a little lost fawn, or a rabbit caught in the headlights. She looked for direction but got nothing from me. Slowly, she began to stroke her breasts with the leather strips, dragging them over her nipples, watching me for approval.

Soon, she gave up seeking my orders and lost herself to her own pleasure. Her eyes wandered down her body, her fingers crept up to her nipples, squeezing them, pinching them with the leather strips between finger and thumb, rubbing the soft hide on each teat. They grew hard at her touch, ready for me.

Without my command, Daiga climbed off the bed and dutifully came to me, kneeling at my feet and presenting her stiffened nipples for me to inspect.

I looked down at her upturned, expectant face.

“Stand up… Hang those big tits over me. Get your nipples in front of my face.”

They looked like fruits, ripe for the plucking. I reached up with my free hand and pinched her left nipple hard, twisting. She squealed.

“You have done well. Now go back to the bed and make yourself cum,” I ordered, slapping her tit for good measure.

Daiga stood at the foot of the bed with her back to me and rolled her pants down off her hips, bending down to shift them off her feet, her rosy round ass splitting open as she reached for the floor.

“Hold like that,” I said, suddenly taken by this sight. “Rub your pussy with the whip.”

She took it and pushed it between her thighs.

“No! Bring it around your ass, do it from behind!” I said, irritated by her failure to understand my needs.

Now she behaved, rubbing her hairy pussy with the handle, the long leather strands hanging down, like a pony’s tail.

“Place the handle between your ass cheeks and stand. Hold it tight between your butt cheeks.” She did as she was told. “You look like a pony. Get on the bed, pony, and fuck yourself.”

Daiga climbed up, the whip falling to the floor as her ass lost its grip. “Pick it up,” I ordered. “Fuck yourself with the handle.”

She took the whip and again began to push and rub it over her pussy, her lips moistening, parting around the leather. Slowly, she took it inside, her pussy stretching to accommodate the tough handle, wrapping around it like a cock.

I watched as she began to really enjoy it, her body rocking back and forth in rhythm, her hand plunging the whip into her wet pussy.

“Turn around,” I said. “Show me those tits. Let me see them swing as you fuck yourself.”

She crawled around on the bed, the whip hanging from her pussy, the strips of leather still acting like a tail.

“Kneel on it,” I said, warming to this little game, enjoying myself as I took more control over the situation. “You are going to hold it beneath you and ride it, up and down, hard and fast. I want to see your tits bouncing.”

Daiga did as I commanded, but not hard enough.

“Harder! Make those tits slap against you! I want to hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh!”

Now she got the idea. She bucked hard on the whip, her tits slamming against her body, the sound a delight. Her own pleasure was audible, her moaning growing louder with each bounce, pussy squelching stickily around the whip handle.

“Don't cum until I say so,” I said, rising from my seat. I downed the last of my drink and stepped to the bed. Walking around, I admired the sight of her. She had drenched my whip in her juices, her hand was covered in them too, and they were smeared all over her ass. I took hold of her breasts, squeezed them tight. Then I reached back and rubbed my fingers over her wetness, getting them good and drenched.

“Cum for me,” I said, kneeling on the bed beside her. I pushed my wet fingers deep inside her mouth. “Cum!”

I listened to her cumming, her groans gagging around my fingers, her tits bouncing in front of me. Perspiration was trickling down her face, and I kept my fingers in her mouth until she was spent.

“You have had your fun. You will not have it again for some time,” I told her, wiping my fingers on her face. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, master.”

“Good. Now go and clean yourself up.”


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Listen to my orgasm

March 20, 2018 - by: Jilian

Erotic fiction inspired by Henessy in “Taping Myself

My relationship with Felix, my on/off boyfriend, has always been unusual. There’s nothing strange about our actual relationship with each other, really – boy meets girl, boy wants to fuck girl silly, girl wants exactly the same thing, just like any other relationship.

But our relationship is on/off simply because Felix works away so much on oil rigs – I see less of him than I would like to, and that means that when I’m feeling horny, the relationship’s off. I don’t like to cheat on a guy, and I do like to get laid.

But it’s only off when I’m fucking another guy. It’s back on again the next day…

Okay, so that’s a little strange, I admit. But when I said it was strange, I was actually thinking about something else. You see, I tape myself masturbating.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that’s not that so unusual. But I don’t make videos of myself, or sit in front of a webcam and do it while he’s watching on the rig; I get an old cassette recorder and I tape the audio only.

The first time just sort of happened. I had been digging around in the garage and I found an old Walkman next to a pile of cassettes and a tape recorder. Back indoors, later that day, I was having one of those horny, all to myself moments when it occurred to me that I could record myself and send Felix the tape. What turned me on was thinking about him listening to it, headphones on, while he was working, and nobody else would know a thing about it.

I was sitting there with my pants off, smoking a cigarette and casually strumming my clit through my panties, so I decided to hit the record button and see how things went.

First I just inhaled and exhaled loudly, so the sound of my breathing, smoking, would be all that he heard. Then I started to move around with the recorder on the arm of the chair, making sure I made enough noise to keep him curious about what was going on.

I tried rubbing my pussy with the mic, not knowing how it would sound. It felt pretty damn good, a hard corner of the cassette deck pushed against my clit through my panties making me tingle as my pussy got wet.

I made a little whimpering sound, the kind I make when he’s eating me out, just so he might wonder if he’d heard that right. Then I slipped my feet into my heels and grabbed the tape player, making for the bedroom. I walked slowly, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor as I strode out of the living room and made my way upstairs.

I fell backwards onto the bed, the mattress taking my weight, and kicked off my shoes. Wondering if he would know what those sounds were, I laughed a little to myself.

“Mmm,” I purred as I warmed to the ideas rolling around in my head. I pulled my panties down and sniffed them loudly, smelling my own musk on them.

Then I put the player down between my thighs and almost forgot it was there. I was fantasizing about being on the rig with Felix, bent over a railing, totally naked, the sea crashing around us as he fucked me hard and rough.

I have always been a loud lover and I can’t help but be the same when I’m playing with myself, so naturally, the hornier I became, the louder I got. I started to roll my fingers around my clit, having dipped them between my folds to get them wet, and this made my clit tingle and stiffen. I gasped, a sharp intake of breath that made me clench my buttocks and push my pussy forwards.

Biting my lower lip, I slid one finger inside my hole, up to the knuckle. “Oh yeah,” I breathed, barely a whisper. I flattened my palm against my clit and bent my finger further in, rubbing my clit as I moved it in and out. My breathing grew louder, my gasps rising in volume as I treated myself to a long, hard fingering.

And then a thought occurred to me. “Felix,” I said, laughing into the mic. “I’m so wet right now. I have two fingers in me… I wish they were yours. I wish it was your prick inside my tight, wet hole.”

I took my fingers out and sucked on them noisily.

“I want to cum. I want you to cum with me. Will you do that? Are you hard? Find a place to be alone and get your cock in your hand. I will wait for you…”

I imagined him stopping the tape then and there and going off to his bunk to get some alone time.

“Are you ready, Felix?” I asked. “I have a big… hard… toy right here. My panties are here too. I’m rubbing them against my pussy.” I realized how awesome it would be to send him my panties with the tape so he could sniff them while he jerked off.

“Do you have them in your hand?” I continued. “Smell my panties, Felix… Are you hard? Have you got your hand on that big, hard dick? Pump it for me. Lie back and stroke your cock for me. Pump it into me. Fuck me with your big dick. I want to feel your hot cum shooting inside me.”

Then I turned on my vibrator and began to buzz it over my clit. That got me hot straight away and I started to moan as I played with it. Soon, it had me so eager for a fuck that I turned it off and plunged it inside my wet hole.

“I’m fucking myself!” I said, a little louder than I meant to. “Oh yeah, Felix! I’m kneeling over this big cock, riding it. Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

When I came, I was hollering my head off. It took some time for me to calm down and get my breath back, at which point I asked Felix, “Have you cum, baby? Hope you came on my panties. Send them back to me, I want to rub them over my wet pussy again…”

Since then, I have made five more tapes for him, and every time he asks for more. It’s a lot of fun, I have to admit. Sure, it’s unusual, but it gets us both off so hard!


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Making You Watch

March 13, 2018 - by: Marie

Erotic Fiction inspired by Fedra in “Exotic Erotic 2

I walk in and you are there, waiting for me. Watching me. Your eyes command me to sit opposite you.

I take my seat and bring my feet up onto the coffee table. You admire my shoes – long spiked metal heels, shiny PVC uppers. I let my knees fall open. I am wearing nothing but knee high black stockings and a long gown that is wide open. Nothing is hidden from your gaze.

Your eyes jump from my heels to my pussy. I know what you want. I reach down for my foot, bend my leg in until my shoe presses against my pussy, my lips almost as dark as my heels. The PVC rubs against my clit. I am already wet. I want what you want. My thoughts are your thoughts. I was wet before I entered the room…

You want a bad girl, and I am a very bad girl. I look at you and slip off my shoe. Our eyes lock as I slip my heel inside my mouth. I suck on it, long, slow, sensual. You watch me and you breathe deeper. I take off my stocking, hold my foot, bend it to me. I am flexible, and you like that. I use my heel and press it against my pussy, spreading my lips around it, opening myself for you to see.

My hand reaches for my shoe, guiding the tip of the heel to my pussy. I press it hard against my clit, push it around my nub, make it slip and slide beneath. I can hear your breathing. I am so wet, my pussy glistens, my heel shines under the light. It slips easily inside my hole.

I fuck my pussy with my heel, watching you. You do not look up at my face, you are mesmerized by my pussy play. I tip my head back and close my eyes, lost in my own sexual satisfaction.

I fuck myself with my heel, tipping it so that I can rub it against my clit as I push it in and out of my hole. My juices collect beneath my hole, trickle over my ass.

I want more. I want something thicker and put my shoe aside to push my fingers inside, using them to spread my cream all over my pussy. I take my time, enjoy myself, enjoy the spell I have over you.

Nothing is said, I know everything you want, everything you need. I am everything you need. I have all that you desire here between my legs. My pussy. Wet, wide open. Shining with my moisture.

You want more. I will give it to you gladly. Up I stand, turning around, my gown falling over my hip. You want me to be a bad girl. I am a very bad girl.

I take a finger and reach around, pushing it into my pussy, getting it wet, then gliding it up my ass. I fuck my ass slowly like this, without looking at you. I know you want to come to me. But you won’t move. You will sit there and watch, saying nothing. I am free to do as I please. Only I can touch. You are an observer, nothing more.

I am ready to cum, you do not matter to me anymore. My fingers work hard on my clit, my lips are wide open. I cum, eyes tightly shut, biting my lip. I cum silently. It is for me, not you.

When I am done, I give you my last gift, something for you to take away with you in your memory. I let loose a flood, onto the couch, onto the floor, my legs open. It trickles down over my asshole. I lie back and stare at you as you stand and leave. You do not look back but I know you will. When you are alone, you will look again and again.


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Kinky movie of the month: February 2018

March 06, 2018 - by: Rose

Carrots, cucumbers, ropes, burning chairs, face-slapping, stretched assholes, public flashing – February 2018 been a kinky month here at The Life Erotic.

Some girls will always stand out in a crowd, like sexy brunette Coco De Mal, whose public flashing and pussy play in Sandra Shine’s “Undercover: Parking” sees her initial shyness vanish rapidly as she gets turned on by her own naughtiness. Beautiful Sybil A’s star turn in Charles Lakante’s “Vengeful Heart 2” is dramatic and off-the-wall experimental, involving a burning chair, a knife and a teddy bear... whether or not you can grasp what’s going on, you’re sure to be mightily distracted by the sight of Sybil and her wandering fingers. Shaving doesn’t usually rock my boat, but gorgeous Rebeka Ruby suddenly slipping the end of the razor up her pussy in "My Time 2" is a delicious surprise, and pure pleasure to watch – and damn, she looks cute in glasses.

So much sexy fun to choose from, but here’s my personal, and entirely subjective, top three movies of the month:

Stunning Lilu does an outstanding job in Sandra Shine’s “Bigger 2,” stretching her asshole wide as she works her way through a collection of dildos, each one bigger than the last, each one filling her ass as she plunges it as deep as she can get it. Outstanding work, Lilu, and very kinky too!

Cute blonde Victoria Puppy goes for the even kinkier move of adding vegetables to the mix in John Chalk’s “Kitchen Aid 2,” fucking herself with a carrot and then a huge cucumber. I’ve always enjoyed watching hot girls get themselves off with inappropriate objects, and Victoria looks amazing riding the giant cucumber to an intense orgasm.

But my favorite of the month is lovely Kitty Du Jour, making her TLE debut in Michelle Flynn’s “The Kinks of Kitty Du Jour 2.” The voluptuous, tattooed babe makes an unforgettable first impression in a sexy red wrap dress, before taking it off to reveal her big breasts tied up with rope, Shibari style. She runs a Wartenberg pinwheel over her boobs and shaved pussy, spanks herself, clamps her nipples, then fucks herself with a vibrator and dildo, slapping her own face to make herself cum. It’s compelling and super arousing, a movie that deserves repeat viewing.

Which was your favorite TLE movie of the month?


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