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Voluptuous beauty Inna Innaki shares her secrets

Bootylicious beauty Inna Innaki made her debut appearance on The Life Erotic in fine style this week. The 28-year-old Greek goddess stars in Alis Locanta’s stunning movie “Body Building,” her astonishing curves glistening with oil as she squats and grinds through her workout before slamming a big glass dildo into her soaked pussy.

The curvaceous star, who says her amazing ass is her favorite part of her body (ours too!) recently gave a revealing interview on the set of her movie shoot for our sister site Viv Thomas. You can see the whole video interview here but here are some highlights…

“I started making movies five or six years ago, with my boyfriend,” reveals Inna. “We made a video at home, and we sent it to a company in Greece, just as a joke. They said we were good, so we made another one, and that’s how it all started. I like everything about this job. It’s strange, it’s pleasure and it’s work, and I really enjoy it. I don’t like the acting part so much, because sometimes I forget what I have to say. I like the sex part best. I always watch my movies, but I am very critical. Sometimes I have an orgasm watching my movies because I love them so much!”

What does Inna look for in a partner? “For me a man has to have a good smile and I have to enjoy everything with him. I don’t have a preference for tall, or big, or small. I first had sex with a girl in my personal life about three years ago. I like girls a lot. I have some friends, and sometimes we just get together and have sex. Girls are more sensual, kissing and touching, it’s much nicer. My sexual fantasy is to have sex with ten girls all at the same time. Or maybe ten girls and one boy – that would be perfect. I’ve had a threesome, the boy fucked me and the girl licked me, and I had the best orgasm of my life.”

How does she keep that incredible body in shape? “I go to the gym a lot – I go five times a week. I like my body and I want to feel good, so I really work at it. I like to go nude on the beach.”

“I masturbate once a day,” Inna reveals. “I don’t think it’s a lot, everybody has to do it, it’s healthy. I like to use toys, but not so much putting them inside me, I prefer using vibrators on my clit.”

I get recognized a lot when I go out in Greece, for a coffee or something, and my friends don’t have a problem with that,” Inna says. “I don’t know what I want to do in the future, I never think about it. I just think about tomorrow: tomorrow I have to do this, and I have to go there, and that’s it. Thank you for watching me, and I hope you enjoy my work!”

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Mimi17 3 weeks ago

Haha..10 girls? Fantastic Inna!

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    Rose 2 hours ago

    Sexy as hell!

    on Captured 2

    Mimi17 5 hours ago

    Wow..Michelle is always so horny..that's why I like her :)

    on Nipples Torture 2

    Animal 21 hours agoLifetime member

    what a lovely body, sad no movies

    on Noelia

    Sheddy 1 day ago

    What a fantasically beautiful women I wish there would be a video to see how you move :) xxx

    on Noelia

    beetle 2 days ago

    Debut of the beautiful Michelle H in TLE. Hello and welcome. A completely different style of performance than in MA. Very erotic and somewhat depraved.
    I like it, when Michelle massages her breasts and her nipples until they get stiff and firm. Michelle has horny nipples. And they come out in this little film ingenious to the point. They play the leading role. Suitable for a nipple Oscar!

    on Nipples Torture 2