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Interview with The Life Erotic director Michelle Flynn

Director Michelle Flynn certainly knows how to make an entrance. Her debut movie for The Life Erotic, “Laney Gets Tied Up,” is an outstanding movie packed with kinky little flourishes, as a gorgeous, busty blonde girl-next-door indulges her craving for self-pleasure. First she pees in the shower, then ties up her voluptuous body Shibari style, before fingering her hairy pussy to a powerful orgasm. I was curious to learn more about the director behind this memorable debut…

Michelle, where are you from?

MF: I'm from Perth, Western Australia though I live on the South Coast of NSW, Australia currently.

What is your background in film and photography?

MF: I learnt film and photography on adult sets, I spent five years learning all aspects of production at Abby Winters. When it was time to leave and start my own business I had a large skill set to take away. Since running my own business I've taught myself anything new and tried hard to keep up with new technology including VR; I can now boast we are the first and only adult VR producers in Australia.

How long have you been creating erotic movies, and what inspired you to start?

MF: For around a decade. Though I do consider the first half of that really just learning the trade. Initially I wanted to be involved in production because of the amazing people that were in the industry here. It really opened my mind and created a new and interesting path for me careerwise.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

MF: I love film, and I am addicted to documentaries. With our bigger productions I always make sure there is a behind the scenes documentary that accompanies it. I really admire surf photographers and filmmakers that create things in an unconventional way and push their own limits.

Do you think being a woman is an advantage when shooting erotica?

MF: No, I think having been a performer before picking up a camera – regardless of gender – has an advantage.

Please tell us about your first movie for TLE, “Laney Gets Tied Up.”

MF: I love Laney, she has this ethereal energy that I never seem to quite capture on film but I do keep trying. The scene was a collaboration, I told her about the site and asked what she might like to do. She mentioned that she was into Shibari so we thought it would be an interesting contrast for the viewer, and we wanted to create an expectation of the cute 'girl-next-door' and then have her evolve, doing all the bad things.

Any hints about what you are shooting next?

MF: I have a few more in the can for TLE, but I really want to shoot a semi-POV scene at night, where the camera has a spotlight and is kind of following the performer, and the performer is leading the camera/viewer on a path – it sounds creepier than it is, I promise. But creepy can be sexy too, right?

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

MF: Definitely location. My cinematography skills really excel when I have broad, vast landscapes and unexpected and uncontrollable elements.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

MF: No, I can't just pick one. Everyone brings something new to the table and I enjoy finding out what their 'thing' is.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

MF: I have a rough or basic idea when I find a shoot space – then it evolves from there, what props or toys the model has brought and any ideas she has, we talk and roll with it which can end up with surprises, which is awesome.

Do you work with a stylist or do your own styling?

MF: It's usually just myself and the model and we do the styling ourselves – a small set is a good set! This way we can do something more intimate and organic.

Do you like shooting the kind of kinky scenarios we feature on TLE?

MF: I love it! Don't forget I spent five years working for Abby, which meant 99 percent of the time shooting performers skipping through flower beds. Any chance I get to shoot something different, I take. I particularly enjoy shooting pee scenes, because I'm not personally into the fetish so for me it's fun trying to find the sexiness in it and what others find sexy about it. I would like to shoot some couples scenes for TLE and play with power dynamics.

What are your ambitions for your work with TLE?

MF: Provide diversity. Also as I mentioned, I would like to shoot more couples-inspired kinks and fetishes. I am really happy to be shooting for TLE, I have always been a huge admirer of all the MetArt Network.

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos?

MF: An orgasm!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

MF: Check out my feature length films at and thanks for having me!


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Mimi17 10 months ago Aussie..Perth is really dull..but she sounds cool :)

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