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Busty babe Stella Cox gets kinky on The Life Erotic

Voluptuous Stella Cox made her debut on The Life Erotic recently in “DP Orgasm,” a stunning movie from director Alis Locanta which sees her looking irresistible in black stockings and garters, nipple clamps attached to her huge natural breasts. It’s a must-see for boob lovers, as she squeezes and jiggles those big creamy tits lovingly while drilling herself with a buttplug in her ass and a thick dildo in her pussy.

The curvy 26-year-old babe lives in London but comes from an Italian family, hence her combination of beauty, alluring accent and self-deprecating humor. Asked to describe herself on the set of Locanta’s recent shoot for our sister site Viv Thomas, she revealed, “I’m a very strange person. I find it hard to relate to normal people. So it’s hard for me to make friends. I’m a bit shy at first, really introverted, but when I get to know someone I open up and become more friendly.”

This endearing shyness is all the more surprising when you see how hot Stella is on screen. As she explains, “I love sex. I’ve always been a really sexual person. When I was growing up I felt awkward about it. I didn’t really talk about sex with my friends – it was a bit of a taboo thing. So I used to watch porn. I had lots of partners because I was so curious and I wanted to explore more. I’ve always been interested in being experimental with other people.”

Making movies seemed a natural step for someone with such a high sex drive: “Basically I started filming myself… I would go out and meet guys and I would ask them to film me when I was doing stuff to them, and I put the videos online, and people watched them quite a lot. Then I started social media, and some companies in England asked me to shoot, so I thought I’d try it. I like being watched, it’s a turn on for me.”

Stella seems to have an equally hot time with partners of either sex on camera, and reveals, “It was a fantasy of mine to go with a woman, and when it happened I was really shy. I felt like I was exposing myself more by going with a woman rather than a man. But maybe that’s just in my head. When I’m with a man I’m more in my zone, I know what it’s going to be like. With women it’s more mysterious. I like cute girls. I like thin girls with small boobs, because my boobs are big, I guess – I like the opposite. Before I made movies I tried having relationships, not relationship relationships, but sex relationships with a couple of girls, and it was really good.”

When it comes to men: “I like strong men, not muscly or big, I don’t care about that. I just like men who like to take control and make the decisions, because I lack that. I like them to have a strong personality. I’m definitely more submissive. I’d love to be more dominant, but it’s just not in my nature. I’ve done scenes where I’m more dominant, but that’s an act, it’s not really the way that I am. I like to change it up when I shoot and try different things, but I’m definitely more submissive.”

What does the future hold for this quirky and non-conformist star? “My future is always uncertain. I’ve never had one passion, or one thing that I want to do with my life. I like make-up, so I’d like to try that. Maybe I could try translation, because I speak different languages. Maybe I could try opening a restaurant. I want to try new things all the time because I get bored really easily. So I could be doing anything in the next two years, I don’t know.”

We certainly hope there are a lot more movies for The Life Erotic in Stella’s future! Check out the full video interview here.

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Geo1 1 year ago

Stella I am such a fan! When You open your restaurant if you need a chef, I am your man. Got lots of chef experience running things.


Mimi17 1 year ago

Cool chick :)

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