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Kinky movie of the month: April 2017

It’s been an exciting month at The Life Erotic, with beautiful girls indulging in all kinds of kinky play and our artists creating groundbreaking movies to inspire and arouse you. Here’s my personal and entirely subjective pick of my top movies of the month. Which was yours?

Clever, challenging and scorching hot, Alis Locanta’s stunning movie “I Wanna Fuck Myself,” starring Spanish beauty Penelope Cum, is a must-see for anyone who appreciates stellar cinematography. Sexy Penelope basks in narcissistic regard for herself, embracing her mirror image and putting on an explosive masturbatory show with the aid of a thick dildo. It’s compellingly kinky viewing.

The Morning After” by Shane Shadow is a very different and more down-to-earth affair, as pretty blonde Elza A returns home after a night on the tiles. Swigging from a bottle of red wine, she pours it over her perfect breasts and sweet shaved pussy as she plays in the bathtub, fingering herself avidly.

But my absolute favorite movie of the month is “Vibrations” directed by John Chalk, which marks the TLE debut of gorgeous Cristal Caitlin. The blue-eyed blonde has never looked better in sexy black lingerie and stockings, her pretty pussy visibly twitching as she shaves it and then diddles herself with the vibrating handle of the razor.

Which was your favorite TLE movie of the month? 


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Latest Comments


    Rose 2 hours ago

    Sexy as hell!

    on Captured 2

    Mimi17 5 hours ago

    Wow..Michelle is always so horny..that's why I like her :)

    on Nipples Torture 2

    Animal 21 hours agoLifetime member

    what a lovely body, sad no movies

    on Noelia

    Sheddy 1 day ago

    What a fantasically beautiful women I wish there would be a video to see how you move :) xxx

    on Noelia

    beetle 2 days ago

    Debut of the beautiful Michelle H in TLE. Hello and welcome. A completely different style of performance than in MA. Very erotic and somewhat depraved.
    I like it, when Michelle massages her breasts and her nipples until they get stiff and firm. Michelle has horny nipples. And they come out in this little film ingenious to the point. They play the leading role. Suitable for a nipple Oscar!

    on Nipples Torture 2