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Alone: craving my own touch

Erotic fiction inspired by “Not At Home” starring Emily J

Don't get me wrong; I love traveling, and I love visiting my family. I just can't be myself here. It's been so long that I am no longer used to company. When I am home by myself, I rarely even wear clothes. I’m naked all the time, even when I’m doing my chores. I am free to do what I want. At any given moment, I can touch myself, enjoy my body in privacy. Not here.

It only took a few days of being here to realize how much I have changed. I am no longer used to conversation where I have to mind my manners. Here, I can't talk about my desires and fantasies. I can't watch my favorite erotica over a bowl of cereal, masturbate, and then go about my day. I feel like I’m going crazy!

Right now, we are all sitting at dinner. I am outwardly calm, but actually thinking about a sexy story I read. My imagination gets vivid. I am replaying the carnal images in my head as I ask my cousin to pass the salt. I slightly regret reading it before coming down to dinner. The more I fight it, the more it takes me over. I am so stirred up. I feel like a caged animal. I am craving my own touch. I can think of nothing else but having an orgasm as I sit smiling calmly, picking at my food. I feel dizzy just thinking about touching myself. It's so inappropriate to feel this way right now. I shut my eyes for a moment, trying not to think about sex as I wipe the corners of my mouth with my napkin. I am about to burst!

“May I be excused?” I ask abruptly. I don't wait for a response from anyone but walk swiftly out of the room. Maybe it’s a bit extreme. Instead of going to my bedroom, I wind up grabbing my wallet and keys from the table in the hall, and driving to a nearby motel. I just want to be alone. I don't want to hear any other voices but mine. I don't want to be around anybody. I’m craving the touch of my own hands and nothing else.

I check in and go straight to the bed. The room is homely and dusty, perfect actually. I don't want to see any more fancy things. I take off everything except my sweater and lie down on the bed. The silence is so soothing. I stare off into space a while, relieved to be in my own company. I’m finally free to be myself. I run my hands down my body slowly. I pull up my sweater and caress my breasts. I haven't held them in days. My skin is craving my hands like a long lost lover aches for their partner.

I begin grazing my nails over my torso, slowly whirling my fingers over my skin, crossing my ribs, and curving down to my hips. I lick my lips as my fingers take turns sliding over the crease of my pussy. My clit is already swollen and yearning for friction. I continue to tease myself just a little longer: up and down, up and down, soft and slow. I insert my fingers in my cunt and look down to see how wet I am. My fingers are slick and soaked from just one dip. I suck my fingers into my mouth to taste myself. I’ve missed the taste of my juice, so sweet and slippery. My mouth is watering, saliva trickling down my chin. I lick as low as I can to catch every drop.

I spread my legs wider and stick two fingers from my left hand inside my pussy. My right hand circles my clit just the way I like. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted to do for days. I curve my fingers inward, massaging my G-spot. My right hand circles faster. My pussy juices leak down to the sheets beneath my ass.

Suddenly my phone rings. I'm sure someone has noticed by now that I’m no longer in the house. I smile to myself, knowing I will have to come up with some lame excuse. I don't care right now. All I can think about is my orgasm. My desire to touch myself has taken over my sanity.

I moan breathlessly as I finger-fuck myself harder. My feet roam restlessly over the bed, my whole body chasing after my climax. Sweat drips from my face. I want to come so badly!

My phone rings again. It doesn't even phase me this time. I’m still concentrating on myself, and my longing for culmination. I raise my pelvis off the bed. My stomach muscles spasm as I come closer. I began spanking my pussy mound. The slight sting adds to my pleasure. I circle my fingers faster over my clit until I finally burst. The throbbing release is exquisite! I squeeze my thighs tightly together, my hand still gripping my pussy. I lick the juices off my other hand, basking in the haze of my orgasm. I am so satisfied.

I lie there a while, staring at the ceiling. I hang my head over the edge of the bed and feel the soothing rush of blood. I feel so calm and collected. My phone rings again and I finally answer it. It’s my aunt, asking where I am. She sounds worried. I hadn’t realized I’d been gone so long. I tell her I’ve just gone for a drive and will be back soon. I lie there for a few more minutes, enjoying the peace of my own company. I feel better already, more like myself. I return to my family's house and engage in conversion as if I never even left the house.


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mimi1 4 months ago

Haha told me you were up north visiting family..I didn't expect this! You horny little girl:)


Kat_Vaughn 4 months ago

Yes it was very naughty of me. I was just so bored! After being so used to my ways and then visiting a place where I feel prepubescent... I was going absolutely nuts!

Once I saw this film, Emily J and I just connected. I felt her frustration. It was so brilliant how this film connected with me after that experience. I had to write about it.


Rose 4 months ago

Wow, Kat! That is steamy stuff! The frustration, horniness and craving is very arousing...


Kat_Vaughn 4 months ago

Thank you, Rose! I must admit this story was very personal. I pulled this stunt once visiting family. You will not believe how intense the frustration gets after a few days... especially if you are used to being alone. I was reading some MyErotica stories that day and felt hornier than ever with no outlet. I didn't pack any of my toys. That made it even worse!

The way I wanted to make myself come was important, too. I didn't want to muffle noises but be completely comfortable to scream out! I felt so inappropriate and just dirty - in a good and bad way. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure it will happen again.

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    Lex8441 7 hours ago

    Master Lakante, I’m really happy and honored again to read such beautiful words and kind attention for my work :-D
    It’s really hard to describe how happy I am for this and I’m happy as well that my appreciation for your incredible and amazing work is contributing in your inspiration ;-)

    To be honest with you: I’m extremely extremely hungry for more of your masterpieces, not only here on TLE but along the whole Met-Art Network :-D
    I would love to see a lot more girl-girl videos from you as your works here are truly the best and most beautiful ones in my opinion.

    Thanks again for reading my work inspired by your masterpieces, I really really hope you will like how this intense story “culminates” (I think it’s the best word, as for your videos ;-) )

    Also thanks a lot in regard to your words on my works and the really really hot anticipation :-D
    Hard to hide that I’m pretty excited about this and that my curiosity is already “teased” to the point it’s driving me crazy (from my stories I’m sure you’ve seen how much I love teasing :-P)

    I’m extremely curious about this and I hope to find out more about very soon ;-)

    Also in regard to Rose: without her all this wouldn’t happened, so I really really want to thank Rose SUPER LOUD for the gorgeous and beautiful special person she is and also for the amazing and talented artist she is :-)

    Thank you so much Rose :-D thanks a lot for believing in my works and for giving me the chance to be published on the bets ever erotic sites in the world :-D
    Really thanks a lot :-)

    on Ghosts, Episode Six: On the Edge

    Rose 1 day ago

    Lucy Heart is rapidly becoming a major star, she's so beautiful and I love that she's not afraid to embrace her kinky nature. Nipple clamps and a dildo in the ass, oh my! :-)

    on Your Slave 2

    Rose 1 day ago

    well she's always so cute and perky and smiley, I think she looks more teasing and seductive here. But I would love to see her go really kinky in TLE style :-)

    on Pin Up

    Animal 2 days agoLifetime member

    Beautiful Girl, a little sad though she does not Shave

    on Confined 2

    aabb 2 days ago

    why would you say "darker side"... it's a regular photoshoot

    on Pin Up