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Daring star Kira Zen reveals her kinky side!

Kira Zen is an interesting girl, about as far from the blonde porn dolly stereotype as it’s possible to imagine. She has strong features, with high cheekbones and vivid eyes, and looks taller than 5’6” due to her long, lean figure. And that sensational ass certainly deserves a mention! Since the Czech starlet made her debut on our sister site Viv Thomas back in July she has fascinated members there, who have described her as unique, sweet, hot, sexy, charming, gorgeous and funny, to list just a few of the epithets she has inspired.

Now Kira has given her kinky side free rein here at The Life Erotic, working with renowned MetArt Network director Alis Locanta – also making his TLE debut – to create intelligent and arousing movies with a decidedly boundary-pushing edge. In “Submitted” she dons a latex bit-gag and spanks her own peachy ass in a spirited subversion of sub play, while in “Inside Me,” released this week, she indulges in some intense frottage and panty stuffing that results in a shattering orgasm. It’s quite a way to make an impact!

Kira has a very cute behind-the-scenes interview on Viv Thomas, which shows off her very engaging personality. You can find the full movie here but here are a few highlights.

Kira, please tell us about yourself…

KZ:  I am 25. I am from the Czech Republic, and now I live in Prague. My favorite thing is my dog – yeah, I love my dog. I started shooting movies about six months ago because I saw naked pictures of my girlfriend and I wanted to do the same.

What is your favorite thing about your body?

KZ: My ass! I go to the gym maybe twice a week.

You’ve made some amazing movies with Alis Locanta that have a BDSM flavor. Are you more dominant or submissive?

KZ: In real life I am sometimes dominant and sometimes submissive, it depends on the man or the girl. What I like most is kissing and touching.

Are you bisexual?

KZ: I like boys more than girls, but I find girls more attractive. I like to touch their skin and their hair, but the most beautiful thing on a girl is the mouth – I like kissing them. I like natural girls because for me, natural beauty is the best. I hate plastic tits. I like natural, kind, romantic boys, but during sex I like it a little bit hard. I’ve never had a sexual relationship with a girl in real life, but I would like to have a girlfriend.

What do you enjoy doing?

KZ: I like going to the beach and watching films. I like secrets and surprises. If a man surprises me, it’s the best thing.

What’s your sexual fantasy?

KZ: I would like to have sex with one boy and two girls.

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

KZ: I had anal sex in the larder, it was very crazy, because there was spaghetti, bananas, and dishes everywhere – and my mom showed up just as we finished.

Do you remember your first orgasm?

KZ: Yes, I was lucky because I thought I couldn’t have a real orgasm. It was with my ex-boyfriend, we were in bed and he fucked me hard and it happened.

Do you like to masturbate?

KZ: I like masturbating a lot. I do it every day. I use my hand and rub myself.

How would you describe yourself?

KZ: I think I am a kind person, and I think I have big sex appeal. I am a happy girl. I’m an exhibitionist. I like to be naked everywhere, at home, at the beach…!


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    Lex8441 7 hours ago

    Master Lakante, I’m really happy and honored again to read such beautiful words and kind attention for my work :-D
    It’s really hard to describe how happy I am for this and I’m happy as well that my appreciation for your incredible and amazing work is contributing in your inspiration ;-)

    To be honest with you: I’m extremely extremely hungry for more of your masterpieces, not only here on TLE but along the whole Met-Art Network :-D
    I would love to see a lot more girl-girl videos from you as your works here are truly the best and most beautiful ones in my opinion.

    Thanks again for reading my work inspired by your masterpieces, I really really hope you will like how this intense story “culminates” (I think it’s the best word, as for your videos ;-) )

    Also thanks a lot in regard to your words on my works and the really really hot anticipation :-D
    Hard to hide that I’m pretty excited about this and that my curiosity is already “teased” to the point it’s driving me crazy (from my stories I’m sure you’ve seen how much I love teasing :-P)

    I’m extremely curious about this and I hope to find out more about very soon ;-)

    Also in regard to Rose: without her all this wouldn’t happened, so I really really want to thank Rose SUPER LOUD for the gorgeous and beautiful special person she is and also for the amazing and talented artist she is :-)

    Thank you so much Rose :-D thanks a lot for believing in my works and for giving me the chance to be published on the bets ever erotic sites in the world :-D
    Really thanks a lot :-)

    on Ghosts, Episode Six: On the Edge

    Rose 1 day ago

    Lucy Heart is rapidly becoming a major star, she's so beautiful and I love that she's not afraid to embrace her kinky nature. Nipple clamps and a dildo in the ass, oh my! :-)

    on Your Slave 2

    Rose 1 day ago

    well she's always so cute and perky and smiley, I think she looks more teasing and seductive here. But I would love to see her go really kinky in TLE style :-)

    on Pin Up

    Animal 2 days agoLifetime member

    Beautiful Girl, a little sad though she does not Shave

    on Confined 2

    aabb 2 days ago

    why would you say "darker side"... it's a regular photoshoot

    on Pin Up