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Shane Shadow: interview with a TLE artist

Shane Shadow is an artist whose work perfectly encapsulates the ethos of beautiful, edgy erotica. She has been creating unforgettable movies and photosets for The Life Erotic for two years now, working with some of our most popular models, including Viola Bailey, Patritcy and Mira. Shane is a perpetual innovator, always trying out new styles and themes, but keeping the emphasis squarely on the beauty and natural sensuality of her models. I was interested to discover more about this uniquely talented artist...

Shane, where are you from?

SS: I find it difficult to answer this question; I was born in one country, raised in another, and work in many countries. I like to move around the world and observe what is happening everywhere. 

Please tell us about your background in film, and how you started to shoot erotica.

SS: A few years ago I decided to change my life and it seemed to me that it was a good idea to work in the adult industry as a photographer. Many people tried to dissuade me, and they don’t understand why I chose erotic photography, but we all know – it’s cool!

Do you remember your first production for The Life Erotic?

SS: I remember one of my first shoots for TLE was with the model Diana G. It was in a tunnel, the model was doused with wine, the walls of the tunnel were incredibly black. After this set, me and my assistant had to wash the model. She almost hated us... but it all ended well!

What inspires you – movies, music, books?

SS: I love movies by Lars von Trier, and Michael Haneke. My favorite writer is  Frédéric Beigbeder.

What genre of mainstream movie do you enjoy, and do you think this influences your erotic work?

SS: I seem to be interested in films in the genre of psychological drama; it’s always interesting to look at how to develop a character in the story, where their thoughts lead them and what action they take as a result. In my work I like to create some tension in the story. I find it interesting to show the emotions experienced by the actors during filming.

Some of your work has quite a dark theme, such as bondage. Is that something you are drawn to?

SS: I like to work with hard light, in this way you can emphasize mood and atmosphere in the shot and yes, guys… I  LOVE the theme of bondage – it is a very interesting area. In the future I will try to do more videos on this theme.

Which scene on The Life Erotic are you most proud of?

SS: ‘Milk’ with Viola Bailey.

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

SS: I’m charmed by the beauty of the redhaired models, like Michelle H and Mia Solis. I haven’t worked with them for TLE, but in the future you will be surprised, I hope it will be impressive.

How do you get the models to understand the role and get into character?

SS: I just talk with them before shooting, during shooting and sometimes after. It’s important to create an understanding with the model. Most of the girls are very nice and interesting people.

What is the atmosphere like on set when you shoot?

SS: Shooting takes place in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, I like what I do and I prefer to work with people who have the same attitude. Girls like to look at the results of their work, they like to show their sexuality. It’s cool, guys!

What are you working on at the moment (if you can tell us!).

SS: Now I’m curious to experiment with some themes and montages. Nothing specific that I can tell you, but you will certainly soon notice a change in my movies.

What are your ambitions for your work with The Life Erotic?

SS: I think that I have a specific mission in my work – to stimulate and show the sexuality of the models I work with. I find it interesting to be a guide between members and models. I hope that what I do isn’t bad – what do you think?



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    Aroex 7 hours ago

    So many months passed without this gorgeous model giving the gift of such beauty.
    Two more years, maybe?
    (I’m counting the months)


    on Alice E

    Geo1 10 hours ago

    This video is a straight 10! Love Daiga's eyes and luscious lips and her yummy jiggling boobs!

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    Girlwatcher 12 hours agoLifetime member

    Thank you! This is beautiful. Thank you.

    on Stunning

    unknown_commenter 16 hours ago

    The absolutely perfect girl shot by the absolutely wrong photographer.

    on Stunning

    alex 20 hours ago

    Can't get enough of Serena's perfect body! Thank you for capturing her so pure and so nude! Her natural beauty shines and makes me so horny!! Please don't stop capturing her perfect body!

    on Subtle

    alex 20 hours ago

    Serena has a perfect pure white body and is super gorgeous!!! Please showcase in her pantyhose and videos. Thanks!!!

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    Rose 21 hours ago

    Wow, dangerous curves ahead!

    If you like Daiga you might enjoy a true confession I posted on our free fiction site, it's called "Jiggle and Bounce" :-)

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    Rose 21 hours ago

    Such a gorgeous girl!

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    rodo 1 day agoLifetime member

    Damn, so sexy!

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    Gotta love a girl who knows exactly what she wants!

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