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Xanthus: interview with a TLE artist

There are artists who have a recognizable signature style, and then there are artists who choose to constantly innovate, surprising us with the variety and versatility of their work. Xanthus falls into the latter category; over the past three years, he has brought us everything from highly stylized experiments with color and light to naturalistic stories that focus on the chemistry between his models. He seems to have a particular talent for suiting the theme to the personality of the girl he is shooting, having edgy Jennet spray graffiti in a derelict building, and Joselina Joker play sexy games with candlewax and rope. Today’s new movie, ‘As Silk,’ introduces an appealing new model, Nicolette A, and lets her explore her body at her own teasing pace. It’s the perfect cue to find out a little more about this intriguing artist…

Xanthus, where are you from?

X: Northern Europe.

What is your background in photography and film?

X: I’ve liked it since I was a teenager. At every family birthday or relative’s wedding I was taking pictures or shooting videos. I have an older cousin who was also passionate about photography and I think I was inspired by him. 

How long have you been creating erotic photographs and movies?

X: I think it’s around seven years now. It’s a funny story, I was working in a real estate office at the time and one of my female colleagues asked me to take nude pictures of her in the office after work. She had a lover in another country (she was married to another guy and still is) and she wanted to send him some pictures, and I was the only guy in the office with a camera. So I stayed after work and took some naked pictures of her. I was pretty nervous about my first nude shoot, but surprisingly the pictures weren’t bad, and she was pretty happy with the result. I also enjoyed the shoot so I started to learn more about nude photography and shooting models. 

You have been shooting photosets and movies for TLE for over three years now – how do you think your style has evolved since then?

X: For the better, I hope! With every new production we try to make it better than the previous one. Of course we don’t always get the result we were planning to, because there are so many things that can affect production, especially on erotic shoots. 

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

X: My biggest inspiration comes from music videos. My favorite artist is Rihanna, I think she has the best music videos. ‘Where Have You Been’ is my top music video, I think I have watched that video 100 times or more. When I don’t have any new ideas about what to shoot I just watch the latest music videos on YouTube or Vimeo and I almost always find some new ideas for my productions.

You have shot several movies in domestic locations, such as on top of the washing machine or in the kitchen (‘Sweet Darkness’). Is this a theme that inspires you?

X: Ha ha, no not really! Sometimes I go to productions with no idea what we are going to shoot, and then usually at the last moment I get a lot of crazy ideas in my mind. Of course, not all of them are accepted by the models, and sometimes they just call me stupid and are shocked at how I can even have something like that in my mind! But in the end we usually compromise.

Is there a photoset or video you are particularly proud of?

X: It’s a hard question. When I am editing a video, I am very proud of it, it looks perfect to me, but after it’s published and I watch it again after some time, I start to think about how many things could be done better. So I hope my best production is still to come.

Do you prefer shooting movies or photographs?

X: Definitely movies. It’s harder to do technically than pictures, but in movies you have many more options for how you can communicate with the viewer. You can work with sound, editing, camera movements, it’s more interesting to me than pictures. Actually my dream is to go to LA and learn cinematography like the big boys are doing it. 

TLE is moving more towards ‘soft kink’ – is this a subject that inspires you?

X: Yes, I like the new style of TLE. I like kinky! It’s very hard to find a good model for it, any girl can masturbate but not any girl can do it so you see it on your screen. Almost all of my models are beginners, girls next door. So I spend a lot of time and sometimes it’s quite stressful having to teach them how to act in front of the camera. I try not to yell but sometimes it’s the only way to get the reaction I want to see from them (yes I know, I’m a bad person)!

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

X: No not really – every model has something different that I like about her. But Michaela Isizzu is one model I really want to work with, I hope some day I will do a really good production with her for TLE members. 

Do you prefer to shoot solo or girl-girl movies?

X: Girl-girl, it’s much easier to think of new ideas with two girls, and it’s more fun for the girls also; and I think members would also like to see girl-girl movies more often on TLE.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

X: Sometimes I plan every detail about the production, and sometimes I just go to the location and see what happens! I usually choose the music after I see what we have on camera; finding good music is a big problem, it takes a lot of time because you have to listen to a lot of songs until you find the one you like best for the movie.

What are your ambitions for your work with TLE?

X: That’s easy, to be Number One!

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos?

X: I hope they get what are they looking for, of course it’s impossible to be liked by everyone, as everyone has different taste in models, the mood they like, the location they prefer – but I think that’s why the MetArt Network has a variety of sites, so everyone can find what they like best.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

X: Please keep voting for the productions you like best, and if you can leave some comments that would be just perfect, thanks!


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    maximilien 13 hours ago

    Said I wouldn't be coming back. Couldn't keep away. I felt the need to clarify a question of spelling: conservative as I am, I used an archaic form for tobacco: "tabacco". That spelling is correct, especially for old farts like me, but it's long past its prime. Old and pedantic: just had to put the dots on the "i".

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    Cira is such a sultry beauty, and what a body! Long legs, peachy ass and perfect abs, delicious :-)

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    maximilien 2 days ago

    That's exactly what I was suggesting. I was extrapolating from what, apparently has occurred in the world of movies which can be turned into vehicles for the promotion of products (notice the cars and consumer products that appear in film) and certain types of behaviour, such as smoking. This statement is based on articles read in the past. I wouldn't state my life on the veracity of my claim concerning movies. I'm content to read that the tabacco lobby does not pay TLE to display its models smoking. Your explanation just makes me pity Aislin and incites me to read La Boétie, Discours sur la servitude volontaire.
    I think smoking, as an addiction , is a form of volontary slavery. One can also be addicted to screens - "smart" phone screens, large screens for internet, to internet itself as to television. I'm afraid of myself being addicted to some of these, especially with my subscription to two newspapers that I'll go read instead of doing what I should. I will not hit the keyboard again to further pursue this discussion.

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    A butt for my sexiest dreams.

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    Are you suggesting we get payment from the tobbaco companies, Maxmilien? That's certain not the case! We understand that showing certain activities may be divisive... everyone has their different tastes and preferences, draws the line in a different place... we try not to judge. Aislin is a smoker and finds it a turn on, and she wanted to share that with our members.

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    Rose 2 days ago

    Love Callista's sexy rock chick attitude... she's so demure on MetArt, I never knew she was such a wild girl! I like this side of her personality :-)

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    maximilien 2 days ago

    Poor suckers. Smoke if you wish, I don't care. I prefer not to be subject to addictions although aren't porn, and less perniciously, internet and screens generally, addictive. Cigarette companies have argued that far from costing tax payers etc. money, by spreading cancer and contributing to shorter life spans they're saving society money. Thanks fozzinsky for contributing to the funding of my retirement (actually you're not since we probably don't live in the same country). Anyway, it doesn't take courage to show smoking since I suspect that many TLE viewers would be smokers and that the payments from tabacco companies for showing such activities would more than overcome any fear that TLE editors might entertain.

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    Thank you, Rose. Thank you in my name and on behalf of all foot lovers in TLE and Metart.

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    Rose 3 days ago

    I've passed your request on to TLE's content manager, beetle :-)

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