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Higinio Domingo: interview with a TLE artist

Higinio Domingo is an artist who is never content to rest on his laurels. He continually strives to surprise and engage the viewer with fresh ideas, intriguing locations and clever new ways of conveying female sensuality. It’s fitting that he was one of the artists to usher in a new era of alluring, somewhat kinky sex play at TLE recently, with his stunning movie ‘Deep Dreams,’ which explored the darker side of Mira V’s subliminal fantasies.

One of Domingo’s visual trademarks (although by no means his only style) is the contrast between harsh, derelict, broken-down buildings, and the softness of his beautiful models. It’s something that has provoked plenty of debate here at TLE, making him one of our most talked-about artists! I was delighted to have the opportunity to ask him about his erotic work…

Higinio, where are you from?

HD: I’m from Eastern Europe. 

How long have you been creating erotic photographs and movies, and what inspired you to start? 

HD: I’ve been shooting photos and videos for eight years now. My inspiration was photography. First of all, I started taking photos for families and then I did my first nude project, which I liked very much. Then I did many photo sessions with many girls and I realized that I wanted to continue this.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography? 

HD: I’m not influenced by any art or film, but I get inspired by famous photographers and their sites. I find many good pictures with brilliant ideas on Tumblr too.

You have been shooting photosets and movies for TLE for over three years now – how do you think your style has evolved since then? 

HD: Over these three years I have learned to pay attention to all the nuances of how the girl looks in the picture, what feelings and expressions she conveys, if the make-up looks good, if the lights are intimate enough for the scene. 

Do you prefer studio or location shoots? What attracts you about the derelict locations you specialize in shooting? 

HD: I usually shoot in the studio, where I have seven different interiors. But I also like to shoot outdoors – in the forest, near stations, aerodromes and parks. If I can make a really good background in the studio, then I stay there, but if I have found a great spot that could fit perfectly with the shoot, and the model likes it, then we shoot there. The derelict locations have that magic. In our country there are very beautiful, natural locations, which certainly should be used in these projects. 

Is there a photoset or video you are particularly proud of? 

HD: I really like what I do and if people assess my work, then I am proud of that. Everyone has a right to judge or appreciate.  

Do you prefer shooting movies or photographs? 

HD: I like to do both, but with photography I can catch great moments, when the model looks so beautiful and seductive.

TLE is moving more towards ‘soft kink’ – is this a subject that inspires you? 

HD: This is something new for me, which I would love to make. I say ‘Yes’ to new ideas, because new things make the world spin around. 

Please tell us about ‘Deep Dreams,’ the movie you shot with Mira V.

HD: I found a great spot three days before shooting, in a very strange place, and at that moment I knew that it was a great spot for TLE’s new style of video. Mira is a really good model and she inspires me to do amazing things.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

HD: Yes, my model Laura. I’ve been working with her for almost a year and every time when I meet her, it is always like the first time! We can chat for hours. We are thinking about new spots for shoots and what we will do there. I can depend on her.    

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?  

HD: I’m always planning work, and I schedule my shoots. But sometimes I have spontaneous ideas, which I want to realize that same day.

What are your ambitions for your work with TLE? 

HD: To get high ratings for my sets and models.

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos? 

HD: I hope they can get more pleasure and more fantasies. It’s art and it has to be assessed. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? 

HD: I’m really glad that I work for TLE. It is a great experience, it is always nice to see my work on TLE, and I have many more ideas for my next work.


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    My favourite scenario: a fully-clothed model who has forgotten to pack her skirt or panties, legs well spread and unashamedly showing off.

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    A truly beautiful lady, keeping her legs well spread and her fingers in the proper place. Lovely.

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    Small breasts, excellent props, and juicy close-ups. Good work.

    But I wish she had added a toy to her performance. That would have made the erotometer go into overload.

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