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The future of The Life Erotic!

Lately I’ve been dropping a lot of hints about the new direction The Life Erotic is taking, so I thought it was time to give you a little sneak preview. ‘Deep Dreams,’ a movie by Higinio Domingo starring the gorgeous Mira, will give you a superb taste of where TLE is heading. It’s a powerful response to member requests for a little more of the subtly kinky, daring creativity that fires up the imagination as well as the libido. I’m looking forward to hearing your reactions to this stylish and sexy slice of erotica.

‘Deep Dreams’ will go live on TLE on Sunday, August 2. 


Russel Kor: interview with a TLE artist

Director Russel Kor has only five movies and accompanying photosets to date on TLE, but that small body of work makes a BIG impression. His refined skill in capturing female sensuality, his evocative use of music and his sophisticated visual storytelling make him one to watch. After seeing his new movie ‘I Do It Every Morning,’ earlier this month, I wanted to find out more about this intriguing artist, and he was kind enough to share some of his personal experience with us…

Russel, where are you from?

RK: I am originally from Berlin, Germany. My father is Bavarian, my mother is from Lviv, Ukraine. I finished school in Dusseldorf. As my parents worked in the embassy in Ukraine, I earned my director’s diploma in feature film in Kyiv [Kiev], Ukraine.

What is your background in the creative arts?

RK: Before going into film, I studied at the Fine Arts Academy, specializing in fifteenth century Flemish painting. In my film career, I started off shooting music videos and then commercials for various production houses, including DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi. I also worked for Warner Bros. on production sites as a production assistant, getting first-hand experience in how film production is conducted in Hollywood. I furthered my skills at Berlinale [the networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival].

In my scripts I devoted a lot of attention to the woman and her sensual qualities. This became a natural transition to focusing on a broader category of adult movies. I shared my experience in shooting sensual erotic videos with Shaun, the Content Manager of TLE, who I consider the Godfather of my start in erotica. He supported my endeavor to work in the soft erotic genre and then encouraged me to explore the kink genre. Due to Shaun’s generosity in sharing his experience, TLE is my first platform for realizing my work; I work exclusively with the MetArt Network and hope to further develop my career here. I regard it as the best platform in the erotic industry. I discuss my creative visions with Shaun because for me, communication with such an expert is invaluable.

Are you influenced by mainstream art?

RK: I do my best to keep up to date with global art trends. I also try to be in the avant-garde, because the viewer is always looking for something new. I believe that the erotic industry, in this respect, is a very dynamic one. What has been amply used in the erotic industry, is only now entering mainstream film and gets high appreciation in international film festivals, for example ‘Nymphomaniac’ by Lars von Trier, and other films exploring girl-girl or boy-boy love. I believe that traditional, classical cinematography is moving in the direction of the sensual and erotic, with increasingly explicit scenes.

Do you have the music you want to use in mind when you shoot your movies?

RK: Yes, of course – as soon as the model enters the shooting scene. As I see her move in the first shots, I get the emotional tone and palette for the film. As I shoot scenes of orgasm – the last ones, when the model has totally opened up – I fully understand what kind of post-production will be used and what accents will be placed. Before shooting, I use the methods employed in traditional film – I meet with the model, we talk and have coffee, so there is an emotional bond created and then the shooting itself becomes a natural, intimate and smooth process, without any of the tension that is common on big shooting sites.

You have been shooting for TLE for a little over a year – how do you think your style has evolved since then?

RK: I think I have made huge progress since I started working with TLE. I hope my level in the erotic industry will improve every year and gain impetus. I hope to move to larger projects, like a full-length erotic movie, and a full feature erotic film for the traditional film industry, too. Even if it must be an 18+ release and given the restrictions that the traditional film industry imposes on sexual scenes, I still hope to create very sensually rich and emotional erotic movies. This is the direction I seek to focus on and exclusively explore in the future.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

RK: I shoot on location only. I reflect life, with spontaneous modifications of scenes as the shooting goes on, improvising, adding, with flexible use of new sexual and sensual details. Because starting from the first shots and until the very last ones, I constantly modify and adjust the plot as I see how the model herself gets aroused, and how her mood changes, so I seek to convey this to the viewer in the best possible way. In general, I believe that spontaneity, impulsivity and improvisation are my alter ego. I believe this is the prerequisite and the precondition of my success, because this will allow me to be innovative and never repeat myself, finding new stories and directions.

Is there a movie you are particularly proud of?

RK: Yes, I like ‘Colored Beads’ and ‘Hot Strawberry’ a lot.

Do you prefer shooting movies or photographs?

RK: Films come first. This is a combination of the harmony of the video, audio, and color – this is very important for me. Photography comes second and it is very important, too – because my first education is in fine art. But my approach to photos is that they are few but very sensual.

TLE is moving more towards ‘soft kink’ – is this a subject that inspires you?

RK: Yes, of course. This just confirms my earlier words that the erotic industry – and TLE in particular – is in the avant-garde of developing and exploring new themes. I fully support the ideas of TLE, and films have to be increasingly sensual. The viewer does not want the technical sexual act per se, but seeks more intimate yet passion-charged story development and resolution.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

RK: I like a few MetArt models very much – Kika, Ardelia and Vivian. They have an inner sensuality and potential that appeals to me. I would be happy to work with them. I also hope that this interview will be read not only by the members, but also by the models who already work or would like to work for the MetArt Network. I would be happy to work with the existing models as well as new models here.

What are your ambitions for your work with TLE?

RK: I hope that my growing experience, and my exclusive production for TLE, will be appreciated by the corporation’s leadership, and sooner or later I will get an exclusive offer and a check for $1,000,000... just kidding!

What do you hope the members get from your movies?

RK: I hope that the viewer will get from my films the most important thing – what he or she lacks in life, or what he or she would like to realize in life, but for some reason cannot. Anyway, what I do for the viewer should be a dramatic and a non-standard situation. I would like the viewer to become livelier and sexually unconstrained, and increasingly fantasizing after seeing my films. Everything is about sexual energy, the sexual river. It has to flow both in men and in women. If the sexual river does not flow, in my films I seek to help the viewer to get this sexual river flowing. Here for me, as an artist, it does not matter at all if these are traditional or non-traditional relations. It is only love that matters.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

RK: I feel I am only at the beginning of my creative life for TLE and the MetArt Network. I would like to thank the big team – creative and administrative – who create, support and direct this wonderful site. For me as a director, it is very important to work on this site. I believe it is better to make small yet resolute steps exclusively on this site and contribute with my creative potential, especially since my work can only be seen on this site.



Private Orgasms

Erotic fiction inspired by Katherine

I share an apartment in the city with three other girls. It’s fun, but there’s not a lot of privacy. Sure, I masturbate hastily in the shower occasionally, but I can’t really take my time over it without the risk of someone bursting in and catching me. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, and I’m feeling pretty frustrated!

One day at work I was researching hotel rooms online for some important visiting clients when it occurred to me that I might have found my perfect solution. I told my boss I was taking the rest of the afternoon off to check out the hotels personally; he seemed really happy that I was taking the responsibility so seriously! I went to the nicest hotel and the concierge showed me the most exclusive suite, which was ideal for our VIP clients; when I booked it, and then mentioned that I needed somewhere to rest for a few hours, he was more than happy to offer me a complimentary room.

Of course the room he gave me was very simple compared to the luxury suite, but it was peaceful and the big fluffy bed looked so inviting. I undressed slowly, savoring the solitude, and lay down on the cool sheets. I imagined how it would feel if I was waiting for a lover to join me, the pulse of anticipation starting gently and increasing in intensity until I could feel it thudding through my veins. Grabbing a pillow, I wrapped my legs around it and squeezed. I was already wet, and I could feel my juice seeping out and soaking the pillow as I rolled on top of it and humped my crotch against it.

Just then I was distracted by a noise… the unmistakeable sound of a woman’s low moans of pleasure. I realized there was a couple having sex in the next room! I lay there listening, my hips involuntarily beginning to hump again to the rhythm of the woman’s moans. I closed my eyes and pictured her, glistening with perspiration, straddling her man and riding up and down on his cock. Her moans grew louder and more high-pitched, and I imagined that he must be thrusting up into her, hard and steady, his rigid pole slick with her cream. Suddenly I was desperate to feel that penetrating sensation myself; casting around wildly for something to use, I grabbed my hairbrush from my purse and slid the thick handle into my wet pussy.

My hips started jerking as my pussy fluttered and clenched spasmodically around the handle. I was still face down, grinding down on my hand as I moved the hairbrush handle in and out, imagining the man in the next room was lying on top of me, his weight pressing against me as his cock filled me. The woman’s moans were rapid now, as she approached her orgasm, and I matched my pace to hers. My thighs clamped tight around my hand as I shook with the full force of my climax, just as she reached hers with a loud gasp of release.

I lay there for a while, trembling with the aftershocks of my orgasm, listening to the sounds of the couple talking softly, showering and leaving. I guessed they were enjoying an illicit liaison, and that idea turned me on again. This time I lay on my back, legs spread wide, and imagined them watching me as I masturbated for them.

When I left the hotel, the concierge just murmured discreetly that he hoped I had enjoyed my rest. I told him that it had been just what I needed - and when our VIP clients arrived a few days later, I was able to tell them truthfully that the beds in this hotel were very comfortable...


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Pierced Nipples

Erotic fiction inspired by Alice E

It’s unusual for a girl to be able to orgasm just by having her nipples stimulated, so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! My nipples have always been very sensitive, and just having them gently stroked or sucked is so arousing I get wet immediately. Suck a little harder, tweak them or flick them with your tongue, and I’m utterly at your mercy, a quivering heap of orgasmic nerve endings!

My favorite sexual position is to sit astride my partner so he can suck on my nipples as I ride him. That way, he can feel my pussy squeeze tight around his cock with every contraction of my orgasm. Since I had my nipples pierced, the sensation is even more incredible; I do find myself getting turned on at the most inappropriate times, though! All it takes is for someone to brush past me a little too close, and my nipples start to stiffen and throb, sending a direct current of excitement down to my pussy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to excuse myself at meetings, dinner parties and bars, and go find a private place to satisfy my urge to touch myself. Luckily it doesn’t usually take long, as once my nipples are hard and my pussy is creamed up, I climax very easily.

A few days ago I went to a friend’s house for coffee. Several of our girlfriends were there, so when I started to get that familiar horny urge, it was easy to slip away from the chatter and find somewhere quiet. Her bedroom was shady and inviting, the blinds drawn against the heat, and I lay down on her bed and untied the halterneck of my top, pushing it down around my waist. My nipples were pulsing, so hot and hard, and as I squeezed one between my fingertips and tugged at my piercing, I felt a fresh surge of juice flood my panties.

Another few seconds of that and I’m sure I would have climaxed, but just then the door burst open and my friend came into the room. Obviously she had come to fetch something, but it went right out of her head at the sight of me writhing with pleasure on her bed, stroking my bare breasts.

There was a split second when she just stared at me in amazement… and then she straddled my half-naked body and started sucking one of my nipples, hard. I started to cum almost immediately, but she didn’t let up. She sucked soft and then hard again, ran her tongue over my nipple, gently bit it and pulled my piercing with her teeth. When I thought I couldn’t cum any more, she switched to the other nipple, and set me off on another long string of orgasms. Finally, she slid her hand into my sodden panties and thrust three fingers into my slick hole, making my hips buck so hard with the almost unbearable pleasure that I nearly threw her off me.

She dismounted as I lay there shuddering with the aftershocks of my orgasmic frenzy, and winked as she left the room, licking her sticky fingers. It took me a few minutes to gather my composure enough to rejoin my girlfriends, reeking of sex no doubt and feeling quite shaky and lightheaded. I’ve been replaying what happened over and over in my head ever since…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Dripping Wet

Erotic fiction inspired by Linsy A

A mutual friend introduced me to Linsy, and I liked her right away. She was so much fun, the kind of girl you can always rely on to go just that little bit further than she should. She was an incredible flirt, and a couple of times when she turned the charm on me, I found myself wondering if she was actually into girls and had heard I was too.

I got my chance to test that theory when she invited herself to stay over at my place one night after we’d been out to a bar with friends. Linsy was acting a little tipsy, but actually I’d been watching her and I knew for a fact she’d only been drinking soda. I figured it was her way of getting away with acting outrageously and not taking responsibility for it.

We went straight to my room, Linsy giggling and grabbing onto my arm constantly, and then she announced that she was going to take a shower. She pushed open the door to the en suite bathroom, but she didn’t go in. Instead she stood in the doorway and kicked off her shoes, then unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor. At this point, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties! She giggled harder at the expression on my face – a blend of embarrassment, surprise and arousal, I would image – and then turned, wiggling her perfect little ass at me, and walked into the bathroom.

She didn’t close the door, and so of course I followed like a faithful puppy. I watched as she turned on the faucet and climbed under it, not bothering to remove her top. The wet fabric was soon clinging to her like a second skin, her nipples poking out hard.

“Oh, that feels good!” she purred as the water cascaded over her. Her expression had changed subtly as the pleasurable sensations washed through her, and as she looked into my eyes I got the distinct impression she wasn’t just teasing me any more. Gazing right at me, she unhooked the shower handset and slid down to the floor of the stall, spreading her legs and pointing the powerful jet of water directly at her pussy. Right away, she began to shudder with excitement as the spray pounded her sweet pink folds. My own pussy twitched and pulsed in sympathy, my panties wet with my seeping cream.

As Linsy played the water over her crotch, arching her back and moaning with pleasure now, the urge to touch myself became too strong to resist. I started to rub myself through my tight pants, and when that wasn’t enough, I tugged them down around my thighs and slid my hand into my sodden panties.

Linsy and I watched each other intently now, as we both frigged our way to orgasm. She had stuffed a couple of fingers into her pussy and was sliding them in and out rapidly as she aimed the jet of water at her puffed up clit. I slid my panties down, as far as they would go with my tight pants still around my thighs, so she could see my fingers thrusting into my hot hole. She was first to start cumming, her thighs clamping shut around the showerhead as she gasped and moaned. The expression on her face was all it took to send me over the edge too, my juice trickling down my legs as my orgasm thundered through me.

After that, we just looked at each other for a long, hungry moment; then Linsy beckoned to me and said, “Hey, wanna get cleaned up? There’s plenty of room in here for two…”


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



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