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We love busty brunette Emylia Argan – and it seems that she loves us just as much. Check out this video of one of our favorite stars having the logo of our sister site SexArt tattooed on her gorgeous body! She wanted to make sure everyone knew where to find her movies, as well as creating some permanent living art.

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June 11, 2019 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Paula Shy in “Love Balls 2

I always wait until she least expects it to surprise her with gifts. I love her reaction, how her face lights up while unwrapping things. Her pleasure is always mine. In return, she loves putting on a show for me. We go back and forth, giving and receiving, and never once fail to astound each other.

Today is a special day. I clear the living room and light the furnace, making sure the mood is set. I place my special gift down on the ottoman and wait patiently for her to come join me. My heart nearly stops, as soon as I see her. She struts sexily down the steps in a kinky black and red leather teddy that hugs her curves in all the right places. Her long dark crimson hair is in a neat ponytail. She has on the tight black leather gloves I gave her last week.

I’m an instant mess. I sit forward, just about to walk her way.

“Stay.” That’s all she says, and I know not to move. I lean back in my chair slowly and remain silent.

“Is this for me?” she asks adoringly. Knowing very well she’s the only one.

“Yes, beautiful,” I reply. “I hope you like it.”

I lean forward again and rest my elbows on my thighs. She opens the box with an elated smile. I concentrate on her beautiful brown eyes as they light up in amazement. She takes the paper out and reads the directions. Just as cute as can be, like she’s about to install computer hardware.

“Insert all balls into vagina, squeeze vagina around them… pull string. Hmm… I can do that.”

She picks up the glossy purple string and bites her lip lustfully. Then, she looks at me in that special way, telling me silently that I’m about to be entertained.

She raises her leg over the stool and presses the first ball between her pussy lips. Then, carefully stuffs another and another, until all of them disappear inside her. I can tell she's enjoying it, as soon as she gives them a good squeeze. I watch in delight as her lips glisten.

She moans softly and starts stroking her pussy slowly. I can smell her arousal from where I sit. It's a delicious aroma that draws me in, until I’m practically floating towards her.

I crawl on my hands and knees like a cat that's about to attack its tiny prey. She sits on the ottoman and spreads her legs. That's my invitation to play.

I observe her fingers slowly massage her pussy and see her muscles squeezing the balls inside her. I kiss her gloved hand and add my tongue in rotation between her fingers. Softly kissing over them, then in between.

Her breath grows heavy and she pulls me by the chin, moving her fingers out of the way. I lick up and down her slit, gently at first. Then, I press my face closer and suck her clit like I would a cock. Swirling my tongue round and round while I swivel my neck to get deeper.

She starts squeezing again. I catch the soaked string between my teeth and pull carefully. She moans seductively, her voice at its height when each ball comes out of her. They shine like pearls, dripping wet with her juices. I take each in my mouth and drink down what I can.

She kisses me softly and takes one of the balls in her mouth, tugging playfully at it. I loosen my grip and let her slide each one from my lips. I run my fingernails up her smooth thighs and grip her gorgeous ass in my hands. It startles her a little, making her get on the floor with me.

The string of balls drops to the floor and now there's nothing in the way. I kiss her reverently, worshipping her mouth with my own. She rips my blouse open and reaches under my pants. The smooth leather feels amazing on my pussy. I thrust my hips slowly, matching her sexy rhythm. Then she squeezes two fingers inside me.

I tug her ponytail back to expose her neck and kiss her skin. I lick down to her clavicle and nibble it softly. I wind her lustrous hair around my hand and tug even harder. She whines and whimpers because it's distracting her hands from touching me. I don't want to cum yet.

I pick up the balls and wipe them down. I lie her back and drape her thighs over my shoulders. Her pussy is dripping from all this teasing, and I don't intend to make her wait. I press each ball slowly back inside her, using my tongue to get each one through. Her pussy muscles already feel tighter around the tip. This special toy definitely delivers on its promise.

Her leather clad fingers weave through mine as I clamp my lips around her clit. I suck and lick her pussy firmly, making her walls squeeze around the balls. I'm so turned on by pleasuring her, I start grinding my pussy to the floor. My own walls are taut with rapture, tasting her delectable flavor and listening to her moan in bliss. The motions add to her stimulation. I suck a little harder, flicking my tongue faster. I draw slow wet spirals and crosses on her flesh with my tongue, and she starts shaking, her moans heightening to screams. Even her fingers tremble around mine.

My aching pussy throbs as I fuck the floor, making me whimper through her flesh. Her back arches off the ground, getting closer to her divine peak. She lets go of my hand and grips the back of my head, burying my face in her pussy. I slurp it noisily and suck harder while she fucks my face, making her quiver violently right into her climax.

I let my suction go with a loud pop and her juices flow down my chin, creating a pool of wetness on the ground. I watch her pretty pussy have rumbling contractions as I lick her clit. Each time I touch it, she clenches in pleasure.

I grip the string again and slowly pull the balls out of her. They make wet sloppy sounds, coming out. Her inner thighs are soaked, along with my entire face. I lovingly kiss her inner thighs and crawl on top of her. She’s absolutely spent, her eyes rolled up under her lids. Her face and neck glistening. I gently lick the sweat from her neck and land my tongue between her lips. Her smooth leathery hands press my cheeks, then wrap around my neck.

She kisses my skin softly and whispers, "Thank you for my gift, baby. I love it."

"Anything for you," I reply breathlessly.


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Head Over Heels

June 03, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Lara A and Natasha M in “Cumming Together 2

Lara is head over heels for Natasha. She adores her, from her candy-pink hair to the tips of her cute toes. She burns with lust for her warm slender body, her delicate touches and the sweet taste of her pussy. But most of all, she loves the way Natasha takes control in the bedroom, pinning her in every exotic position, licking and licking until she’s a quivering mass of intense sensation.

Today, Natasha has driven her to the edge of orgasm by ripping open her sheer pantyhose and lapping at her clit, squeezing her ass cheeks to open her up for her teasing tongue. Now she has Lara on her back with her knees folded back to her head, her pussy splayed open obscenely. She eats her avidly, grabbing her breasts as she plunges her tongue deep, lips smeared with her sweetheart’s wetness.

When Natasha sucks her clit hard and slides her fingers into Lara’s soaked slit, that’s all it takes to have her climaxing so hard she nearly bucks her girlfriend right off her. She judders and squeals, tremors of bliss radiating through her limbs.

Pussy juice makes the best lube, so when they move into scissors, Lara’s hot, pulsing flesh slips and slides against Natasha’s clit, drenching her too. They cum together, in a gasping, writhing heap; but as soon as she’s able to move, Lara straddles her darling for a pussy-flavored kiss. Oh yes, she’s head over heels for this girl.


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Curiosity Didn't Kill the Kitten

May 13, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Dominica in “Very Bad Kitty

When a kitty shows you her fine tail, it’s a sign of trust. For Dominica, there’s also some pride involved. She wants to show off her whole kitten caboodle.

But first, she needs some punishment.

Dominica has been a bad kitty. She got her tongue deep into the saucer of milk that Master left out for her. She can’t be faulted for her cravings. But was it necessary to make such a big fucking mess?

A kitty isn’t naturally submissive. She respects power. So, when Master reaches for the whip, Dominica gets on all fours and plays adorable.

Her black mask doesn’t outshine the green in her eyes, which call out for mercy.

Be gentle. Make it a good pain.

Dominica retreats when the punishment is over. She finds a corner to lick her wounds.

The whip of leather on her skin has left her feeling frisky.

Dominica knows every inch of herself. She’s been over it on too many lazy days. Her body is long. Some places are hard to reach, and she’s ok with that. Her nipples are soft but stiffen to her touch. She puts her paws all over her ass, which still stings with pleasure. The stubble of her blonde pussy hairs makes her fingers tingle.

She licks her fingers slowly to get ready for cleansing. There’s a spot that’s been itching. She lets curiosity lead her.

The fingers are an extension of a kitty’s tongue. They are soft but sturdy and wet with her spit, which is the perfect combination for her delicate folds. She rubs that dirty spot over and over until it’s clean. 

Dominica is knocked on her back by pleasure. She loves everything about herself. The way she smells... and tastes. The flavor on her fingers makes her wonder how anyone couldn’t love pussy.

Curiously didn’t kill the cat. That’s a dog’s tale. It’s meant to keep the feline from roaming freely.

Dominica is true to her nature. Explore away.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Her Exhibitionist Streak

April 30, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Kate Fresh in “Send Me A Selfie 2

Kate loves to be watched. She knows she’s hot but it’s more than that… she finds the idea of desiring and being desired in a virtuous circle to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. So when she’s asked for a selfie by an admirer, she already knows she’s going to give him way more than he expects; but that doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy drawing out the tease.

Pulling down her black lace corset, she takes a few snaps of her beautiful breasts, and then some close-ups of her cute pink nipples, which are already stiffening as she imagines the reception the pictures will receive.

She’s gratified by the enthusiastic response, and that’s when inspiration strikes. Grabbing some clothespins, she starts to attach them to her soft flesh. She’s a kinky girl, and she likes how the pretty colors look against her pale skin, as they grip it and start turning it red. The mild pain sends sparks of excitement down to her pussy, so she spreads her thighs and takes a couple of shots to show her admirer that she’s getting turned on too.

Her own arousal is growing stronger by the second, and when she clips a clothespin to one of her plump pussy lips, the sensation is electric. She does the same to the other lip; it feels strange, but in a really good way, the blood surging and pumping as she holds herself open for the camera.

She starts to rub her clit, the pins moving with each stroke of her fingertips, sending heat flooding through her whole crotch. She tugs at the pins, building the tension until she’s too horny to tease herself any more. Then she grabs her biggest vibrator, grinding the head against her clit, her body spasming as the powerful tingling is almost too much.

On her knees, she jams her fingers into her creamed-up snatch as she holds the vibrator to her clit, rocking against it. Overwhelmed, she lies back, shuddering in ecstasy as her orgasm explodes through her, thighs snapping closed around her wrist. The post-orgasmic glow in her final series of selfies is an open invitation…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


A Big Dick for Babydoll

April 11, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Natasha M and Lara A in “My Dominator

Natasha felt uncomfortable asking an open-ended question she didn’t know the answer to. But Lara’s distance left her with no choice. 

“What is with you right now?” she said. 

Met with silence, Natasha filled in the blanks in her head. She wants space, an open relationship, maybe, or some bullshit like that.

Finally, Lara replied. “I want a big cock.”

“What?” said Natasha. “You’re kidding me?”

“Natasha, would you let me finish?” said Lara. “Not a real cock. A strap-on… I want to fuck you with it.”

“Huh? That’s what’s bugging you? Why didn’t you just tell me?”

Lara leaned over and gave Natasha a kiss on the cheek. “It’s just that I have this vision. It’s a little kinky. And I don’t want you to feel manipulated.”

“Oh, honey, I’ll be your babydoll,” said Natasha, palming Lara on the cheeks and planting a wet kiss on her lips. 

Natasha was regretting her enthusiastic response as she combed through Lara’s goody bag of items to change into. There was no doubt that Lara had pushed Natasha’s boundaries before. The pink highlights in her blonde hair were Lara’s doing. Natasha got kind of judgmental the first time she realized Lara had a tattoo of a flock of birds migrating down her chest. Of course, it didn’t stop her from feasting on her nipples. 

Before she met Lara, Natasha thought vibrators were kinky. The term was being redefined for her some more as she went through the goody bag, starting with a fishnet bodysuit. 

“Crotchless?” said Natasha. “You little tramp.”

Each item she pulled out added to a jumble of anxiety and excitement. A blindfold, a ball gag, leather handcuffs with matching ankle cuffs. Natasha was relieved to get to the last accessory in the bag, until she discovered a collar with a leash. 

Natasha put everything on and nervously stumbled out of the bedroom.

“Over here,” said Lara softly. 

Natasha followed her cuffed hands towards Lara’s voice. She wanted to speak but the reflex from the ball gag pushed the spit out of her mouth, which was gathering around her neck at the collar.

Lara surveyed Natasha with pride, holding a sizable cock strapped over her crotch. She had nothing else on except a simple navy-blue bra. Her brown hair was pulled back into a cute ponytail. 

Having a blindfold on accentuated even the softest whisper for Natasha. “Damn, you are my babydoll,” said Lara.

Natasha was detecting another sound in the room. It was a whooshing noise that started soft but got louder as she approached Lara. When she was at arm’s length, she felt a sharp pain on her fishnet-clad bottom. Leather straps, maybe? 

“Hmmmmmfff,” she protested.

The next flog was gentler, almost pleasurable compared to the first. Lara helped Natasha to her knees by pulling down on the leash. Natasha lifted her hands up and found Lara’s cock. She started to jerk it with her bound hands. 

“That’s it, baby,” said Lara.

After a moment Lara pulled away impatiently and Natasha could hear the creak in the chair as she sat down and dragged Natasha closer. She pulled the ball gag out of Natasha’s mouth. 

“Time to suck my cock,” said Lara. 

Natasha leaned down with her outstretched tongue, pinpointing Lara’s cock with surprising precision. She licked slowly over the head before bobbing down the cock. Lara couldn’t feel the sucking, but there was an intensity to Natasha’s grip around the dildo. Lara saw her desire to please, which was more powerful than the twitch of her tongue.

“Oh, yes baby,” said Lara. 

Lara’s excitement was the encouragement Natasha needed. She sucked the cock like she was expecting a mouthful of cum. By the time Lara’s cock was slick enough to fuck her, Natasha was also soaking with anticipation. 

Lara removed Natasha’s ankle cuffs, which freed her to open her legs wider as she bent over the couch. Lara got behind her and slowly pushed her dick between Natasha’s stretched pussy lips. 

Lara felt exhilarated by the power of thrusting her thighs into the soft cushion of Natasha’s gorgeous ass. Lara grabbed and slapped her fishnet-wrapped cheeks, fucking her with enthusiasm. The leash made the fucking more forceful. Natasha moaned with each slapping thrust. 

If felt like the cock was throbbing inside her. 

The zigs and zags of Natasha’s bodysuit looked like they were sketched onto her beautifully curved body. Lara thought she looked like a work of art, as her hips rocked against her lover.

Lara turned Natasha onto her back on the couch and opened her legs to fuck her missionary style as she fondled her tits. After a while, they went back to the chair for reverse cowgirl. Lara braced her hands under Natasha’s breasts, giving her more balance to move up and down on the upright cock. 

Lara knew how she wanted to finish. She got Natasha back on the couch and came in from behind, pumping Natasha as long as she needed until she came hard.

She pulled out, feeling a strange urge to cum all over her hot girlfriend’s ass. 

She gave Natasha a minute or two before taking the blindfold off. As they were making out Natasha grabbed the big cock, which was slick from her juices. 

“Ok, my turn,” said Natasha.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Dominica's Kinky Candle Party

March 27, 2019 - by: Donna

Erotic fiction inspired by Dominica in “Infatuation 2

When I invited my oldest friend over for a drink last week, I didn’t think anything would happen. After all, why would it? She’s beautiful and a few years older than me, and while I know she has far more experience than I do, I didn’t think she’d ever use it on me.

Before she came over, I set up candles in my dining room and opened a bottle of wine. It was a gift from a wealthy friend, so I was pretty sure it was going to be delicious. Little did I know that the candles would play as big a role in our evening’s fun.

As we sat talking, my friend told me of her recent exploits. Somehow she manages to date more men than I ever could, and as she spoke of her experiences, I found myself licking my full lips without even realizing it. The more she talked and the more wine I drank, the more excited I became, until I was sure she must be aware of my aroused state.

After what felt like hours, she finally looked me in the eyes, then let her gaze wander over my body as if she were undressing me. I was only wearing a short leather skirt and a sexy little top, and under her gaze, I felt practically naked. When she told me to move to the chair, I was so wet I didn’t know what to do with myself. At first, I hesitated, unsure if I understood what she wanted me to do. But after she made it clear, I got up, my body trembling as I made my way to the chair.

Before I could do anything else, she was behind me, touching my hair and telling me how pretty I looked. She caressed my shoulders and leaned in close before reaching around and placing a leather blindfold over my eyes. Suddenly I couldn’t see anything at all!

As I sat there shivering with nervous excitement, she told me to remove my top. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, and I felt so vulnerable as I slowly peeled it off, revealing my small breasts to the most gorgeous woman I knew. My long blonde hair barely covered them; I’ve never felt so exposed in my entire life.

Sitting there, shaking like it was my first sexual encounter, I felt her approach me again. I could sense her body next to mine, but even then I didn’t realize what she was going to do. As I sat back, tilting my head up, I felt it for the first time: the hot wax dripped from the candle onto my pert breasts, splashing my nipples. The heat was exhilarating and I nearly screamed out at the sensation.

Trembling with excitement, I almost didn’t hear her when she told me to touch myself. Part of me wanted to run, but I took a deep breath and then slowly lifted my tiny skirt. I hadn’t even bothered to put on panties that morning; the thought that my best friend was looking at the smooth, wet lips of my pussy blew my mind.

As she watched, I licked my fingers and then slid them down my body and in between my thighs. When I slipped them inside my pussy, I thought I might cum right then and there. Between the heat of the wax and warmth of her gaze, I was on fire, and I began to rub my swollen pussy for all I was worth.

It felt like hours that I sat there touching myself, unable to see, but feeling her eyes on me. At one point, she told me to lose all of my clothes, and this time I didn’t hesitate as I pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. Lying back, completely naked now, my smooth skin was covered only in hot wax.

I began to touch myself once more. Being watched was exciting, but I needed something to push me over the edge. As I lifted my legs, exposing my shaved pussy and asshole to her gaze, I was practically begging her for it. And when she finally titled the candle over one last time and dripped that hot wax all over me, I started to climax.

I couldn’t hold back as I lay on the chair, my legs open wide and my fingers buried within my pussy. Crying out, I felt my orgasm begin, and there was no holding back. With my friend watching, my naked body hot and sweaty, and my pussy throbbing, I came so loudly I thought I might die of embarrassment.

But the entire time I came, in fact, the whole time I lay touching myself, my oldest friend watched and whispered words of encouragement. With her wine glass in hand, she told me to orgasm for her, and I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.

So, when she suggested that next week she return, this time with a handsome male friend, all I could do was nod.

And make sure I stocked up on candles.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Sacred Orgasms

March 11, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Adel Morel, Alice Shea and Michelle H in “Playing Footsies 2

No topic had Adel lost in thought more than the mystery of the orgasm. She was wondering if the rush of an orgasm – similar to the speed of light – actually slowed down time, when she was interrupted by a kick in the shin.

“Earth to Adel,” said Alice.

“It’s time for the wine,” said Michelle. “Scoot, scoot.”

Michelle and Alice were Adel’s back pew friends. The had become close over time, sitting within earshot of each other during prayers. In whispers, they learned they had common confessions, ranging from envy of earthly pleasures like high heels to lusting for kinky indulgences.

Coffee hour always made them restless and bored. “We’re in these cute little dresses,” said Alice. “We can’t just go home.”

Michelle had one more day housesitting for a wealthy couple, and she figured her friends could help her make the most of the high life. She still hadn’t seen half the rooms in the place, but she knew where to find the stereo, streaming her favorite jazz throughout the house.

“You have to see the master suite,” said Michelle.

Their heels echoed as they walked up the marble staircase into a large bedroom. There was a tall table under the TV that could have served as an altar. It was sturdy enough for all of them to sit on. Michelle took her heels off and put on some fishnet socks.

“The missus has some crazy shit in her drawers,” she said. “And she buys everything in bulk!”

Michelle had matching pairs of socks for her girlfriends. Alice took off her shoes and put them on and Adel followed suit. They sat in silence with their fishnets entangled in a game of footsies.

“Who’s going first?” asked Michelle.

“First?” said Adel.

Michelle and Alice laughed at her. “You’re it!” said Alice.

Michelle and Alice got off the table and sprawled out on the bed looking like they were getting ready to watch a show.

“What?” said Adel.

“You’re always telling us that in a holy place we should be naked and without shame,” said Alice.

 “And cumming,” said Michelle.

“So show us!” said Alice.

Adel smiled and let the tension fall out from underneath her shoulders. It made her feel good to be among like-minded friends. Their sinful stares sent a tingling sensation pulsing through her veins, which she tried to follow with open palms that she moved over her body.

Adel lifted her short red dress over her head as she watched her friends’ hands disappear under their dresses.

Adel was beautiful. Her brown hair fell lazily around her elegant face. She was graceful, with a style that harkened back to more traditional times. Her lace bra and panties were see-through over the sensitive pink parts – those rock-hard nipples and her plump pussy. She stretched out her long legs and gave herself a foot rub through the fishnet socks.

“Come on, baby,” said Michelle.

Adel lay back slowly – the table was cold against her shoulders – and slipped off her underwear. She spread her legs wide, showing Michelle and Alice her bush-barren pussy. She wasted no time showing off her glittering nails, which shimmered as she strummed over her wet folds.

“Fuck,” said Adel, clasping at her neck and sucking on a finger.

Alice and Michelle kept their dresses on but they were touching themselves at the same pace through their underwear. It was a mystical experience for Adel. She felt as if their hands were touching her. The sensation of millions of fingers made her feet tense up. The tingling went all the way up her spine and down to her hands.

When she came, Adel swore her soul became material. But whenever she tried to embrace it, it seemed to flee from her. There was no containing it. The only thing she could do was bring it back.

Adel took off her bra, proudly displaying her perky little breasts. She sat up on the edge of the table, lifting up her ass so she could massage it with the dense part of her palm as she masturbated. She wanted to go deeper, loosening her pussy with a finger until… time stopped again. Her soul remerged and enwrapped her.

It took a little while to recover. Her friends were still dressed and slowly playing with themselves.

“Who’s next?” said Adel.

We’re not long to the world. Treat every orgasm like it could be your last.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


The importance of kinky sex

February 25, 2019 - by: Allison Leigh

About the author: Allison Leigh is a pornographer, producer, polyamorist, and professional kinkster. When sexuality is business, business is fun! 

Voyeurism. Bondage. Cuckolding. Feet. Almost everyone has some kind of kink in their sexual wiring. But where do these predilections come from? And how important are they in the grand schematic of our relationships and sex lives? What happens when you ignore your kinks?

While we can’t place a finger on exactly what creates a fetish or kink, evidence points to these feelings stemming from moments in our formative youth that “crystallize” as part of our identities. This means that we’re likely forming our ideas about sex long before sex itself ever comes into play in our lives.

According to a 2016 survey of over 2000 people in the UK, roughly 75 percent of people have a kinky interest. The importance we place on our kinks varies, of course, depending on how much of a role sex plays in our lives. Some kinks may be a soft interest, easy to brush off. Others, however, can become inextricably linked with our sex drive – sometimes so intensely that they become fetishes that our sex life feels incomplete without. Of course, one can have too much of a good thing; but medical science doesn’t consider paraphilia a problem to be dealt with unless these predilections harm others, or are so strong that they are detrimental to a person’s day-to-day life.

Although sometimes these “unusual” drives can become fixations, for most people sexual fulfilment is important to our relationships and our mental wellbeing. Sexual satisfaction has been repeatedly found to greatly impact people’s quality of life. Though it is unclear if the relationship is causative or corollary (or a combination of the two), people who report high sexual satisfaction also report higher satisfaction in their romantic relationships. What better reason is there to get busy?

Our sex drive is a physiological function that co-evolved to meet our psychological needs for security, self-esteem, and connection, and our kinks are a part of that drive. While sex isn’t a need in and of itself (no one dies from lack of sex, no matter what your high school boyfriend tried to tell you) it leads us to feel connected and secure with our partners, increases oxytocin and serotonin levels and decreases testosterone and prefrontal cortex activity. Moreover, people in consensual BDSM relationships were found to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also reported greater feelings of relationship closeness and intimacy after their sexual play. In short, having a sex life that we’re happy with makes us happy – and happy people live longer, healthier lives.

The fulfilment of your sex drive is intimately linked to your psychological wellbeing, which is fundamentally linked to your physical wellbeing. This means that, if you look at it the right way, fulfilling your kinks is just as important to your mental health as say, hugging your family or petting your dog. Take time to share your interests with your partner, watch an erotic video, or read a sexy story. Of course no one is obligated to share your kinks with you, but exploring them – on your own or with a partner – is a task essential to your quality of life.

This post first appeared on



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Punish Me Again

February 11, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Lee Anne in “Spank 2

Is it really a punishment if the person being spanked enjoys it as much as the one disciplining them? How about if it’s… the same person? When Lee Anne finds her forgotten riding crop, she knows she must have done something bad enough to merit chastisement, even if she can’t quite recall what it was.

Tapping the leather crop against her palm stings just enough to give her a horny thrill. Without hesitation, she obeys the impulse to smack it against the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh – where it hurts much more, and gives her much more pleasure, too. Her pussy is throbbing insistently, demanding attention, and she grinds the end of the crop against her panty crotch, feeding her excitement.

A pinch to each of her nipples as she undresses sends sparks of arousal darting to her core, and now she can’t resist fulfilling the urge that’s been calling to her all along, undeniable in its erotic power. On her knees, she spanks her ass cheeks full force, feeling the flesh redden and burn, heat flaring through her.

The sound of each slap turns her on as much as the sensation of mingled pleasure and pain, until with an urgency she can’t contain, she tosses the crop aside and rubs her drenched slot, fingers plunging deeper and deeper. Her pussy needs punishment, and she spanks it harshly, triggering an orgasm that she intensifies with her rapid fingering, prolonging the shivers until she’s utterly satiated. But somehow, she knows it won’t be long before she needs to be disciplined again…


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